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Happy Blogiversary to Meeeee.....CONTEST IS OVER
Thanks for Entering!

Well, it's here folks. Today turns two years old! Without being too gushy, I just want to say I've enjoyed every minute of it. Immersing myself in the beauty blogger culture has educated me in ways I never thought possible. It's reignited a passion for writing I'd almost let go to ash. Above all, it's connected me to hundreds of people, many of which I now call friends. To each and every one of you, from those who have been with me since day one to youse newbies who are still trying to figure me out, THANK YOU!!!

To show my love, thanks, and gratitude I'm hosting a month long Blogiversary Giveaway!!! Throughout the past year, I've collected goodies worth OVER $130 for just such an occasion. These are the products we lusted over, the new lines that rocked our world, the shades everyone had to have, and a few favorites thrown in for good measure.

So, what are you looking at? One lucky follower will win everything pictured above!

Orly Cosmic FX polishes in Galaxy Girl and Space Cadet: The buzz of the fall polish season, these shimmery, duo-chrome lacquers were almost impossible to find. They also happen to be dead-on dupes for MAC's super popular Venomous Villains shades Formidable! and Mean & Green.

Barry M Nail Paint in Dusky Mauve: This Brit drug-store brand isn't available in US stores, but that's not gonna stop you from rocking a fist full of iridescent grey-purple (grurple?) awesomeness. Oh, and if you loved Chanel's Paradoxal but couldn't get your mitts on it (or just think spending $23 on one nail polish is a little silly) you're in luck: total dupeosity. Don't believe me? Check out Charlotte's comparison on Lipglossiping. While you're there, thank her for this prize- I actually won it in her contest about a week after I had a friend send me one from the UK! So, good for me, good for you!

Sleek MakeUP iDivine Palette in Bad Girl: If you follow me or a myriad of other beauty enthusiasts, you may have wondered what all of the Sleek hubbub has been about for the past few weeks. The beauty SNAFU of the season, this hot high-street brand offered a 12-hour 50% off sale, which got all kinds of wonky. Without reiterating the whole story, I'll just tell you that I had my friend Ana (yes, that Ana. As in Anastasia, from Lipsticks & Lightsabers. Yeah, we're friends. Jealous?) call me from the UK at 6:50 AM to make sure I was up and online when the sale started. I don't get up that early. Ever. But I did, to get this palette, for this giveaway. Which I actually didn't (yet...long story). I did, however, have one of my own that I hadn't yet touched. I love y'all so much, so here it is.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Stereo Rose: if you don't know about this, I'm not sure why you're reading a beauty blog (of course, I'm glad you are!) but for your education, just do a quick search on eBay.

e.l.f Studio Powder Brush: This is easily my bestest cheapest buy this year- I use this brush to apply my foundation daily. It applies, blends,'s not the most luxe feeling or fanciest looking brush I own, but it does the job better than any other.

e.l.f Studio Lip Lock Pencil: Another great bargain find. This colorless "unliner" goes around the outside of the lip line and, as the name implies, locks in color to prevent bleeding. I like it a lot. Check out my review if you wanna see why!

Too Faced Shadow Insurance: Ever see the acronym TFSI and wondered what the heck it was? Despite what Google may tell you, it doesn't stand for "Turbo Fuel Stratified Injection". It's this, and your favorite eyeshadow is 100 times more awesome with it underneath.

Sleek MakeUP Pout Polish: It's a gloss, a balm, a sunscreen and even kind of a stain. It's my go-to lip product. I own every color. You should too, and I'm gonna start you off with my first shade (Perfect Plum) and the newest one (Powder Pink).

Sugarpill Pressed Eyeshadow: The launch the world awaited! When Sugarpill launched in February, I was lucky enough to be sent an incredible press kit from founder Amy (aka Shrinkle). These are quite possibly the best shadows in my arsenal, and when Sugarpill had a sale on some scratch-and-dent "monster palettes" I took the opportunity to fill out my collection. This meant I ended up with some duplicates, so I pulled them out of their original homes and made a Franken-palette just for you guys! Not available ANYWHERE else, this palette includes 4 full-size, super pigmented shades: Buttercupcake, Poison Plum, Midori and Afterparty. Since they're from the monster sale palettes, a couple have some minor dings, but I promise, you won't care!

Seche Vite: I'm not really sure what took me so long to try this, but I'm oh so glad I did- it really is the best! Dries fast and rock hard in minutes- I can (and do) go to bed 10 minutes after a polish change with this stuff.

So now that you know what it is, I bet you want to know how you can win it. I'm gonna make it pretty easy on you. Here are my rules:
  • You must be a follower of this blog. Sorry if that seems unfair, but this giveaway is specifically to thank those that have supported me these last few years. Besides, it's super easy to follow- just click the button. I promise I won't call you or show up at your house or anything.
  • Leave a comment on this post telling me what your favorite OutInAPout post has been. Comments MUST include an email address that I can contact you at if you're chosen as winner. This earns you one entry.
  • Earn an additional ONE entry by tweeting about this contest. You can use your own words, but please include a link to this post and @outinapout in your tweet, so I know you tweeted.
  • Earn an additional 2 entries for blogging or posting about this on Facebook. Again, say what ever you want, just make sure you include a link to this post! Of course, I'll have to know what you did, so make sure you leave an additional comment on this post with a link to your blog post or Facebook update.
  • Contest is open internationally, as long as it's legal for you to enter (your local rules & restrictions apply, yada, yada, yada.)
  • Contest ends December 15, 2010 at Midnight EST.
Good Luck, and again, thanks!!!


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Saori said...

Thanks for this great giveaway :)

I am a follower via GFC : Saori

My e-mail :

Have a good day :)

yourstrulypam said...

I am very new to blogging and just started a couple of week ago with my sisters help.
This is an awesome giveaway and I love to try new things.
I really enjoy your skincare blogs because I always want to keep my skin clean and acne-free (definatey going to try your milk idea :) ).
my e-mail address is

Thanks so much,

Marta N. said...
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Marta N. said...

I found your
"Is it OK to Buy Makeup on eBay" post very usefull.

I follow via GFC as: Marta N.
nmarta86 AT gmail DOT com

Tia said...

Does it count as following if I have you on RSS feed? I don't have a blogger account :(

In any case, my favourite post is the Springtime in Ohio one. There's no way I'd be able to replicate the blending and the colours, but it just makes me really happy to look at!

I also tweeted @tiandbeyond

Email: toinfinity at hotmail dot co dot uk

Clizia said...

I love your D-EYE-Y post!

I follow via GFC: Clis87
cliziapirrello at gmail dot com

Sterling said...

I will be honest, I only found your blog recently but I really love the informative nature of many of your posts, like why and how this or that does or doesn't do what is claims and what it all means. I also like when you explain ingredients and science behind skincare and makeup elements - there are a lot of blogs that review products but not a lot that educate about them. That is very valuable to me.

I follow through gfc/blogger as Morgen Sterling and my email is DemonAyres-at-Juno-dot-com. I also tweeted about your amazing giveaway:!/Morgensterling

I look forward to more excellent writing and reviews from you. Cheers!

Sterling said...

Doh, I meant Sterling Morgenstern... lol

April said...

I follow with GFC.

I love this Halloween post!
I did Day of the Dead for Halloween too.

Thanks for all of the hard work that goes into your blog!

April said...

I blogged.

Saint Jean said...

Awesome happy Blogiversary!

1. As for the posts I most appreciate: Love the fact that you regularly post sweet-deals going on in the makeup world because I honestly cannot keep myself updated on all these by myself, and I'm on a budget so this helps a lot!

2. Tweeted:!/burntdream

3. soojeankim at gmail dot com

Lucisek said...

Hi, happy blogiversary :)

I'm follower Lucisek-Lucy's Stash

I like your review of E.L.F Studio Lip Lock pencil, I'm going to buy that product.


Arwen said...

Happy bolgiversary!!
I'm a follower via GFC (Arwen) and my email's[At]gmail[dot]com
I really liked your Calaveras de Azúcar post. Great makeup!


Donna ♥ Baby said...

happy blogiversary :)

i thought your Calaveras de Azúcar post was interesting!

email: donna_gragasin at hotmail dot com

following your blog on gfc!

Jessi M said...

Hello! I just found out about your blog and am having a great time reading through your archives.

I follow via GFC and my email address is jessi.mckinney AT

My favorite post by you is your Halloween Dia de Los Muertos costume. Its gorgeous!

Sherida said...

Great achievement!! My favorite article is the one about the retail vs wholesale pigments.. That one really destroyed my sweet little lemming bubble!

Your prices are amazing 60% of my wishlist is there!!

Keep going!!

Que Fancy said...

I must admit, Im new to this blog but am enjoying it. I loved the post about the ELF product because I have been looking for an inexpensive reverse liner.

My email is

Gladys Ann said...

YAY! Happpy Birthdayyy!

I liked your sugarpill pressed eye-shadow. I love the colors.

I tweeted :!/glaadann

I posted!/profile.php?id=100000494659602

I follow you on

sweetascupcake at yahoo dot com

Michelle said...

Hi there! Thanks for having this contest and happy blogiversity! :)

I love your reviews, especially the review for Diorshow. I've always been skeptical buying that and really appreciated how thorough you are with your opinion!

my email is lady.danger20(at)

I also posted on Facebook!
Thanks again! :)

Ashley said...

I think you're post about the ideal eyebrow shape was most useful for me.
I follow your blog via googlew friend connect.
Thanks for the giveaway.

Alisa said...

Hard to choose. I've only recently found your blog and I've enjoyed reading your reviews and tips. I guess I'll choose "Green and Mean:
Pushing "Natural" Cosmetics"
Thanks for the giveaway!
akbrooks79 at gmail .com

malkatz said...

I loved your Dia de Los Muertos makeup post!

I follow via GFC as malkatz.


malkatz said...



Liviana said...

Hello, I'm Liviana, a new follower via GFC.
My mail:

I love your post about Elf Lip Lock pencil.

Thank you for giveaway!!!

Snooglerat said...

Congrats on the blogiversary! :)

I always enjoy looking at other people's eyeshadow combos. The "looks" or "eyes" tag is what I usually go for.

ginnn7 said...

thanks for the giveaway

follow gfc ginnn7

love your on sales this week great info


Christina said...

Ahhh!! That's what I get for not following your blog earlier!!!! I've always come back to your blog for all of your sales posts.. you're one of the most comprehensive and 'on-the-ball' with what are good deals and what aren't!!

Illeryana said...

Hi, I just joined :)


I liked your post about TKB Trading

aPanda said...

this is such a great Giveaway.
Happy Blogiversary.
My favorite Post is the quick tip: Pro Trick to Longer Wearing,
Stay-in-Place Eye Liner!
My Blogpost:
Best Wishes
Amanda (

Molly Loretta said...

My favorite post is the one you did titled "Green and Mean: Pushing natural cosmetics"

Why? Because I obviously agree and this issue peeves me off ;) lubb you.

MsDriftedSw said...

hi there!!

loving this giveaway! congratulations for running a successful blog for 2 years!!

so i'm following your blog, i also tweeted about this:!/MsDriftedSW/status/15125048125816832

my email address is mariaherchenbach at gmail dot com

Stavroula @drugstoreandbargainlover said...

Hi! :) I'm one of your newest followers. Thank you so much for this giveaway. Happy Blogiversary to you girl! :)

I really liked this post, because I loooove quick tips and I think I'm gonna try your trick :

The Fabulous Ms. Beth said...

I posted a comment on my FB about the contest! :)!/ebethannsmith

nancy said...

Happy Blogiversary! I found you through lipsticks and lightsabers. I was reading your posts and really liked the one on skin types (Hey baby! What's your skin type) it is super useful and gives good tips ^^

I tweeted:!/Bibis_ana/status/15132926236696576

My FB and twitter are connected so here's the one on FB:!/permalink.php?story_fbid=552023245783&id=195204615

I follow via GFC: bibis_ana
Email: clampsailorfan at gmail dot com

Maria said...

Happy blogiversary!
Your sale info is AWESOME! Those posts are my favourite for sure.

mariagoddard at shaw dot ca

Martha said...

Happy Blogiversary!
I found out about your blog through Lipstick & Lightsabers and I love it. I especially loved your Lime Crime Phoenix look!

so_very_uncool said...

Wow, so much great stuff here! I found the post on black friday deals very helpful (found the link on lipsticks and lightsabers). I grabbed the chance to give sigma brushes a try with the free international shipping. My email adress is

Thanks, Kirsty

† BonesSharperThanDaggers said...

Happy blogiversary!

I enjoyed that you mentioned the black friday sales for both English readers AND American readers!

Very usefull! A lot of bloggers didnt do that! :)

The Glitzkrieg said...

I just started following, but had to first read through... Sorry, but I'm not going to follow just for a contest! LOL
I can't really pin down a single fave post, but I was really blown away when I saw you posting about Doctors Without Borders. My fiancee also does medical charity work so it's near to my heart. Your post, so far, is the only one I've seen about the charity auctions.
claudia.whitecity at

Kat said...

What an awesome giveaway!

My favourite post is the one where you mentioned the Sleek 50% off sale. I'm glad I knew about it so I could watch all the drama unfold!

katintheuk at gmail dot com :)

Clau said...

Happy blogiversary =)

i follow your blog via gfc as Claudia Mendonça.


Thanks, Xoxo**

moupriya said...


1> i follow your blog
2> new follower...

3> tweeted here!/moupriya1/status/15148846610907136

Abigail said...

thank you for your giveaway, your blog is amazing.
I enjoy your EOTDs and your reviews, and I particularly like your post on BB cream, it was very helpful :)

My GFC name is Abigail and my e-mail is abbyisageek at gmail dot com.

slipbananapeel said...

I really appreciated the Cyber Monday/Black Friday sales posts.

vivian said...

wow happy blogiversary.

i really liked your post about sugarpill :)


(follower through GFC using

Annamax said...

Hi! I follow with GFC under this name and e-mail :D

I, too, love your Sugarpill review! I never get tired of reading them even though most of them are raves :P

This is a really awesome giveaway, btw!

S. said...


I'm a follower!
I also linked this on facebook here:


Ashlyn said...

This is an amazing giveaway!

My email is ashlyn . noble at gmail, I followed you with the google friend connect thing, I'm not sure how that works but I also get the RSS feed of your blog.

I tweeted about it here:!/rainbowashlyn

and posted on facebook here:!/profile.php?id=100000621784739 (I'm not sure you'll be able to see that if we're not friends though. Uh, feel free to add me?)

Thanks for hosting such a rocking giveaway!

Dez said...

Happy blogiversary to you and thanks for the giveaway!
I became a fan via GFC, my email is I also wrote a post on my blog.
My favorite post is the one you did about buying makeup on eBay. I've had some friends do so and thought about it but was wary of receiving inferior knockoffs. Now I'm sure I won't bother wasting my money. Thanks so much!

Deb said...

Yay, blogiversary! My favorite posts are the 'ask outinapout' posts. They are very helpful, especially the one about red lipstick considering I have a yellow undertone in my complexion. :), and I am a follower from google friend connect.

Deb said...
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Deb said...

I linked to this post on Geek Chic Cosmetics FB.

Mickey said...

I'm a follower (Mickey Coutts)

My favorite OutInAPout posts are the Drugstore Dupes, especially the Estée Lauder Perfectionist
Wrinkle Lifting Serum -vs-
Olay Regenerist Regenerating Serum!

mickeycoutts at yahoo dot com

Mickey said...


mickeycoutts at yahoo dot com

VainGlorySinner said...

Hi! I'm a new subby and I follow you through GFC.

I found you through Lipsticks and Lightsabers blog.

I havent been a follower long enough to have read all you posts yet but I have had a quick flip through your makeup looks and this one is my favourite - - I have been looking for a look that is beautiful yet simple to use my Goldilux pigment and I think that is the one! So thank you!

I have posted about your giveaway on my blog in my giveaway side bar. It is linked back to this blog.

My GFC name is: vainglorysinner



Mickey said...

Posted this on facebook #1!/permalink.php?story_fbid=166677833374019&id=100001597050150

mickeycoutts at yahoo dot com

Mickey said...

Posted this on facebook #2!/permalink.php?story_fbid=166677833374019&id=100001597050150

mickeycoutts at yahoo dot com

AleiCat said...

Happy blogiversary, Jess. My favorite post was the one about strange m/u ingredients like.... bug gutz & stuff. Every time I put on metallic colors I will think of you.


sunnysideup said...

I think my previous comment is lost:( So, this is my favorite post: because I'm relly interested in UD palettes and this is a relly good articule about this one:) email:

bjhegland said...

A)You clued me in that Shu Eumera (?) was closing down US operations. Sad. And B)I loved the post about the milk-on-the-rag-on-your-face; I NEVER would've guessed!

heavymetalchic said...

I really like your winter skin tips from 2008! :)

I posted on Facebook:

I've Tweeted:

I follow you here under:


dinomon said...

This is such and awesome giveaway. and happy blogiversary!

I found your black friday/cyber monday post extremely helpful.

dinomon at live dot com

Wendy said...

Happy anniversary!

I found the Retinol post super informative:

I tweeted: @TheFuzzyMittens

wendy dot diel at gmail dot com

theamberdawn said...

I've tweeted @theamberdawn. I follow under The Amber Dawn. My favourite post so far is the one that clarifies the differences between perfume percentages in different types of perfume. My email is :)

[ s e e d ] said...

I follow via GFC under seedchan.

Favourite posts are totally the sales post. You are the best resource for my ever growing need to get stuff, but terrible TERRIBLE for my bank account.

theamberdawn said...

Also I facebooked, but not sure how to link directly.

Email is

Chloeandboo said...

I like your post on saving your color while using dandruff shampoos. Be kind to your scalp and color at the same time!
I tweeted and posted on my facebook
You will not be able to see my face book since it is only viewable by my friends.

thanks for having a giveaway.

chloeandboo at gmail dot com

KittenMittens said...


Honestly I think my favourite post was your uber mega fantastic Black Friday list. That was the biggest bestest list evarrr and it made it really hard for me to save money so that means you definitely did it right hahaha.
jaicea_blade at hotmail dotcom

Sarah B. said...

Hi there!

I really liked your post about skin types!

I follow you via GFC: Sarah Bott
my email:

dull_flame said...

Hello, new follower here!

I like your review posts- it's always good to get the scoop on stuff before shelling out money I don't have, you know?

I follow through GFC as dull_flame

srd dot dullflame at gmail dot com

dull_flame said...

Err, I might follow as Sarah Davis. I can't remember which it is.

Jonni said...

Hurrah! Happy Blogiversary!! x]

My favorite post is the bb cream review. I'd been hesitant to try bb creams (sounded too good to be true) and I'd never found an in-depth review 'til now, so I really appreciated it!

GFC: Following (as Jonni, I believe)



And my email is sfcjk222 AT yahoo DOT com

Good luck to everyone, and thanks to Jessica for such a great giveaway! ♥

RawSienna said...

Congrats on making it this far ^_^ I liked your post Calaveras de Azúcar. I really want to try a Day of the Dead look next year. My Mom makes Day of the Dead crafts and she thought this look was super amazing!

My email for the giveaway is

Madiha said...

Hey Happy Blogiversary! :D

I loved your BB cream post :)

I linked your giveaway in my sidebar

I tweeted about your giveaway!/diya7687/status/15286453462376448


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