Wednesday, September 7, 2011

30 in 30: Question #15
Do You Wear Blush?

Keeping up with 30 questions in 30 days, today's second question is:

# 15. Do you wear blush?

Well, of course! Blush is a pale gal's best friend. I've heard more than one pigmetally challenged person say they're too pale to wear blush, to them I say: you're missing the point! Lack of color is all the more reason to add some- and believe it or not, the brighter the better I say! While bright shades may seem scary, they typically look more natural on fair skin than deep shades, which can too often turn muddy.

The trick is all in the application. First, use the right tool- if you have a hard time telling your blush and powder brush apart, it's time to upgrade! A blush brush should be just a bit larger in diameter than a quarter-maybe, say, the size of a peach-pit? After swirling your brush in the blush, ALWAYS tap the brush before you apply, and when you do, use a light hand. It's always easier to add more color than to take it away if you OD!

I personally have two shades in heavy rotation: a bright coral can go with almost everything (my current favorite is MAC Bite of an Apple) but I do like a blue-based pink (like Estee Lauder Fresh Plum) to give my cheeks a pop when I need something definitively cool toned. Though I have tons of other shades, those are mostly relegated to my pro kit; for personal use, I really feel those two are all I need for about 99% of my looks.

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