Wednesday, September 7, 2011

30 in 30: Questions 14
Who Are You Favorite YouTube Gurus?

Aww, wasn't I doing so well posting everyday there for a minute? Sorry folks, but life intervened and wiped me out last week, but I haven't given up on answering 30 makeup questions in 30 days. That just means we have to double up, so for now on, you can expect a 2-for-1 deal! Today I answer:

Question #14: Who are your favorite YouTube Gurus?

When I first discovered the YouTube makeup community, I was obsessed- there was more than one night I stayed up 'till the wee hours watching reviews and tutorials. I've actually posted about my favorite YouTubers before, and many on that list are still on my stand-by viewing, but I've also discovered several new Tubers that I enjoy, so I'll sum them all up here for you!
  • dustyohunter: quirky, multi-talented artist dude. He sings, strums, rebuilds kitchens and is pretty handy with a makeup brush. Always informative, funny and down to earth. Occasionally NSFW.
  • goldiestarling: another artist into makeup- she paints up a storm, both on faces and on canvas. Check out her theatrical creations this Halloween- amazing!
  • gossmakeupartist: Wayne, a veteran professional, posts everything from application basics to super frank reviews on everything from top-of-the-line to bargain-bin dupes. Unlike some other "gurus", I've never heard Wayne spew out a company press release as his personal gospel.
  • Lisasz09: Lisa's not a makeup artist, and she doesn't do looks- she does, however, try tons of different brands and give you her honest opinions on them. If your best friend isn't the type to gab about makeup over coffee, Lisa's your girl.
  • Makeup Geek TV: Also a pro artist, Marlena's tutorials range from colorful themed looks (Soda series, anyone?) to celeb looks to every day techniques, all explained step by step in easy to follow language. Full disclosure, I'm a moderator on the Makeup Geek Forum and one of the judges for the site's Weekly Challenges, but that all came about because I was such a fan of Marlena's! Also, the similarities between our sites (color theme & use of damask background) was purely coincidental- I actually found Makeup Geek a bit after I started my blog, and I'm quite sure my site designer/fiance had no knowledge of MUG! Great minds, and all....
  • petrilude: If you don't know Josh yet, run- don't walk- and check him out. His attitude is as bold as his makeup, so love it or leave it!
  • vintageortacky: Cora is super fun, tells it like it is, has some of the most awesome hair on YouTube. I also love that Cora calls herself a "goober" even though her skills say "guru".
  • xsparkage: If you don't know Leesha, you must not watch YouTube tutorials, because gurus don't get much bigger than her. Always perky and upbeat, she's just plain fun to watch, and if you want a sneak peek at this season's hottest, she's bound to have it first!
So those are my favorite tubers, some old, some new. Who are yours?

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Musing on Beauty said...

What, no Pixiwoo, no Lisa Eldridge? :-)

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