Monday, September 12, 2011

30 in 30: Questions #18
What's Your Favorite Night Time Look?

Stepping it up a bit to make good on my promise of 30 makeup questions answered in 30 days, here's the first of today's 3 answers!

Question #18. What's your favorite night time look?

I always seem to be in a rush, so classic black winged liner, strong lashes and red lips make up my go-to night time look; probably the only one I do with any consistency. I tend to favor a matte, almost nude lid (for me that means a powder-pink or pale beige) but for something more festive I'll do a sheer wash of gold as a base for the liner.

If I actually have time to get creative, then I'm more likely to do something colorful on my eyes, with a more subdued lip. This is actually my preferred route for any evening activity that will involve beverages! If my eye is bold, I don't have to worry about touching up my lips to keep the look up. I usually take color cues from what I'm wearing, and just run with it.
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