Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Product Review:
Glowelle Beauty Drink Mix

You are what you eat, and what you drink too- at least that's the theory behind Nestlé's new Glowelle brand. Representing a new trend in beauty "treatments" Glowelle is a dietary supplement marketed as a beauty drink. According to the company, the ready-to-drink bottles and stick pack drink mixes are loaded with antioxidants and extracts that "nourish your skin from within." At $42 for a 6 pack of bottles, or $112 for the more economical 30-day stick pack kit, Glowelle is indeed a tall drink of (vitamin infused) water. So is it worth it?

I recently tried the 7-day Powder Stick Pack Kit ($40) in the Raspberry Jasmine flavor. At first glance, I could see that Glowelle is chock-full of antioxidants. It has well over the recommended allowance for vitamins A, C, and E as well as other sources of antioxidants, like Pomegranate and Green Tea extracts. Ingredients like Lycopene, Lutein and Coenzyme Q10 are present, along with the company's "proprietary beauty blend." While many of Glowelle's ingredients have proven antioxidant properties (purported to fight off everything from wrinkles to skin cancer) some, like Lycopene and Maritime Pine Bark Extract, have an unproven track record.

I've never been able to get myself in the habit of popping a daily multivitamin pill, so I really liked the idea of a stick pack for just this reason- I'm much more likely to drink my vitamins than take than a pill. I like the idea that I can pop a stick in my purse, dump it into a bottle of water while I'm out and about, all the while nourishing my body. Unfortunately, that benefit alone doesn't justify the cost. I was also a bit bummed when I saw that each pack contains 50 calories (the pre-made bottled version has 100!) While that's not a deal breaker for me, those are extra calories that I'd prefer to use elsewhere! I also noticed that while Glowelle is full of antioxidants, it is missing several essential vitamins an minerals that every woman should be taking, like B Vitamins, Vitamin D, Calcium, Iron and Folic Acid. My thought: since I'd have to take a separate supplement anyway, why not just look for one that contains everything in one pop?

All of this is a moot point though, if one doesn't actually drink the product. The stick packs I got are meant to be mixed into a pint bottle of water, so this is how I originally tried the product. My initial impression was, well...yuck! The earthy red powder produced a sweet, fruity, extremely metallic tasting beverage that had a distinct mineral smell; had I not known I was drinking a health beverage, I certainly would have guessed it. In fact, I was only able to convince myself to drink it for two days before I put my packets aside for a break.

After a trip to the grocery, I was ready to try again, this time following a serving suggestion from the package insert. Using my handy Magic Bullet* I blended the mix into a smoothie with blueberry yogurt, frozen strawberries, and some ice. This first attempt was headed to the garbage disposal when I decided to add a spoonful of Splenda. This made a big difference, and while it went a long way in making the drink much more palatable, the metallic twang was still present until the very last sip. Though not the tastiest smoothie I've ever made, I didn't feel like I was choking it down like I did with the water/mix combo.

So, the big question is: did I notice a difference? I can't say I did, but I have to admit, knowing that skin takes around a month to fully cycle, I didn't really expect to. I also have to give some pause for the fact that I did not use the mix for 7 consecutive days; perhaps my results would have been more noticeable if I had. Having said that, I did notice that the testing Glowelle refers to on the website used a 45 day trial period. For anyone who is counting, this would cost anywhere from $168-$315, depending on which form of the drink you prefer. For the cost, I can't say I'll be running out to buy more Glowelle, as curious as I am to see if the other flavor (Pomegranate Lychee) is any tastier. Would a better flavor convert me into a daily user? Probably not, but it would probably add a point or two to Glowelle's overall rating.

I'd give Glowelle a 4.5 out of 10. It's an intriguing idea, and I'm curious about whether the proprietary blend would have any significant long term effect. Unfortunately, The cost and, to some extent, the taste, have me choosing more conventional methods for the time being.

- Contains antioxidant vitamins and extracts proven to aid in skin protection.
- Convenient stick pack is portable and easy to blend on the go.
- Comes in two flavors (Raspberry Jasmine or Pomegranate Lychee)
- Stick packs can be mixed into water, juice, yogurt or blended into an iced beverage to suit the user's taste.

- Some may find the metallic, mineral-heavy taste unpleasant (I did.)
- The product is quite expensive- you could buy a 30 day supply of vitamin supplements in pill form for about what one serving of Glowelle costs.
- Glowelle is not a substitute for a multivitamin supplement, since it does not contain a spectrum of important vitamins and minerals (I should also note that most multivitamins include several of the same antioxidants that Glowelle does.)
- Glowelle contains 50-100 calories, depending on the form you use.

*By the way, if you're a fan of the frozen drink and you don't have a Magic Bullet, RUN- don't walk- and get one! Milk shakes, frozen coffee beverages (similar to the trademarked Starbuck's Frappuccino!), piña coladas, smoothies, hell, I even made my daughter's baby food with it!

Monday, October 26, 2009

This Week's Sales:
Three Custom Color, 100% Pure,
Becca Cosmetics & more...
Plus, I Need Your Feedback!

Hey folks! Here's the deals this week. I also have to say, sorry about last week's lack of substantial posts- I'm working on a few that I was waiting on company feedback for (company comments, official ingredient lists, that type of thing.) I suppose I could have knocked out a review or two, but then we went to visit family over the weekend and all was lost!

Speaking of which, I'd love to get your feedback on which kind of posts you like to see here. There's tons of great beauty blogs out there; I know, I myself regularly visit around 30 (and that's not including YouTube!) What do you like about OutInAPout, what makes it part of your list? Likewise, what would you like to see that perhaps you feel we're missing? Leave your thoughts in the comments, or feel free to message me directly by clicking the link in the upper right corner! Now, on with the show!

HauteLook is the first to go this week with Whish on Monday, October 26th. On Tuesday, they'll be hosting June Jacobs Spa, followed by 100% Pure on Wednesday, Apivita on Thursday, and Ambrosia Aromatherapy on Friday.

Gilt Groupe offers up two sales this week, with Juice Beauty starting on Tuesday, and Becca Cosmetics on Wednesday.

Thursday, October 29th Rue La La will host Miami Beach get-away spot Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa.

And finally, don't forget to drop by The Fairest, with upcoming sales by Three Custom Color Specialists, Pharmacopia, and Bodyography.

By the way make sure you check back here on Wednesday for my review of Glowelle's signature beauty drink mix, the line goes on sale Friday over at Billion Dollar Babes. Of course, as always, make sure you're following me on Twitter for last minute updates, daily tidbits and the more than occasional bit of irrelevant nonsense!

Monday, October 19, 2009

This Week's Sales:
Sephora Friends & Family! (oh, and some others!)

First things first- while I'm sure I can't say you heard it here first, I would be remiss if I didn't tell you that Sephora's fall Friends & Family discount starts today! On line only, use code FF2009 and get 20% off of almost everything. I don't have exact restrictions yet, but as soon as I can find them, I'll update this! Sale ends November 2nd, so while I wouldn't exactly dawdle getting there, there's also no reason to break your neck getting to the computer. (Of course, things do sell out...just saying...)

Elsewhere in the beauty sale universe:

HauteLook has a full week this time around, starting with Rodial Skincare today, Monday October 19th. Next comes M Lab on Tuesday the 20th, Baby Quasar on Wednesday and Ouidad, The Curl Experts on Friday, October 23rd.

This week, Rue La La hosts Exhale Mind-Body-Spa on the 21st, but don't miss Tuesday's boutique benefiting the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, in case you weren't sure what all of those pink ribbons were about!) I'm not sure what's going to be featured, but knowing the Rue, it'll be top notch, and since 25% if the proceeds go to BCRF, it's charitable to boot!

Gilt Groupe is having a rather quiet week, starting out on Tuesday with Freeze 24-7 (which seems to be popping up somewhere almost weekly, doesn't it?) Balancing out the over exposure of it's first offering of the week, Gilt offers up a line that I personally have never seen on the sale circuit. It's definitely worth checking out Decleor Paris Skincare on Thursday, October 22nd.

Not to be forgotten, Billion Dollar Babes has Clark's Botanicals (another brand we've been seeing a lot these days) starting on Wednesday, October 21st.

Last but not least, here's a peek at the menu at The Fairest this week, which has thus far eluded any discernible pattern of when sales begin and end- some weeks they only seem to have 2, last week I do believe they powered through 5 or 6 brands. In any case, for your consideration this week The Fairest offers: Peacekeeper Cause-Metics, Exuberance, Juicy Jewel, Panpuri, and Mojo Cosmetics (and maybe more. Make sure you're following me on Twitter to stay up to date!)

Friday, October 16, 2009

The Quick, Painless, Free Way to
Look More Beautiful in an Instant!

The simple trick? Back away from the mirror! While it sounds like a mean joke, I'm actually quite serious. Unless you're severely near-sighted, there is no reason to stand closer than, say, a foot away from the mirror when applying your makeup. Many people (myself included) have a tendency to stand far too close to the mirror, in an effort to seek out and destroy any visible flaw. Thing is, this method can actually backfire.

Realize that you are looking at yourself much closer than anyone else will likely see you, which means you're going to notice imperfections that no one else will see. Meaning that you could be caking concealer over a spot that no one would have noticed anyway, or creating an angry red bump where a fine, virtually invisible hair once was.

Worse yet, a tiny whitehead may seem like too big a temptation when you're looking at it in it's magnified glory. While, in truth it likely would go unnoticed, I know few who could resist a squeeze. We all know what happens next: a big, red, crusty spot that lasts for days. You're left thinking "I wish I had just left it alone." Standing to close to the mirror not only exaggerates minute flaws, it also distorts lighting and perspective, creating shadows and highlights that may not be there. What looks great close up may not translate when you step back and look at the entire picture from afar.

Obviously some detail work requires a closer look- liquid eyeliner for instance, but for everything else, give yourself some breathing room. After all, anyone standing six inches from your face shouldn't really care about a tiny (or even not-so-tiny) zit.

Monday, October 12, 2009

This Week's Sales:
Smashbox, Dr Hauschka, Beauté & More!

Haute Look is the beauty sale hot spot this week, tempting us straight through the first half with Lawrence Moy MD Skincare Monday, October 12th followed by Smashbox Tuesday the 13th, and finally Clark's Botanicals on Wednesday. By the way, if you're a Smashbox fan you may also check out the company's "curtain call" section on their website for deals up to 50% off! .

Jumping over to Gilt Groupe this Tuesday, October 13th Warren Tricomi Haircare pops up on the sale circuit again. Then Dr. Hauschka Skincare gets gilded on Wednesday the 14th. Maybe it's my glowing adoration of Martha Stewart (who often touts the line) but this is my most anticipated sale of the week.

And in the coming days on The Fairest peruse selections from McBride Beauty, Beaute, Apivita, Mama Mio and Lucy B Cosmetics.

As always, make sure you're following me on Twitter for daily updates, changes and other terribly interesting tidbits!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Quick Tip: Vampire Chic on the Cheap

Believe it or not, there was a time, not so long ago, when goth was actually a SUBculture and vampire chic was the farthest thing from mainstream. This fall's makeup collections from Nars to Chanel to MAC are showcasing inky lips and raven eyes, making us beauty junkies feel as if we've been missing something by not having a black tube of lipstick in our kits. I'll admit, I was tempted by the tarry tubes- not just black, but deep plums, rich sooty reds, even night-sky eggplant shades. These shades are not daily-wear by any means, but they do impart a certain opulence that you won't see with fall's usual terracotta and brick shades.

Still, when it came down to it, I just wasn't willing to plunk down the cold hard cash for something I'm unlikely to wear outside of the month of October. Especially when I already have the means to create an arsenal of shades, including the rich black lip I've been craving ever since I saw the promo images for MAC's Style Black collection. The secret? So do you. Basic, every day eyeliner pencil.

This is one of the most basic tricks I learned, way back in junior high when I decided I needed blue lipstick to match my outfit. Experimenting in my bathroom before school one day, I learned my first lesson in makeup artistry: makeup is multi-purpose. Just because it's called "eyeliner" doesn't mean you can't use it else where. So I did.

Ergo, all you need really need for this season's perfect black lip is a black pencil liner and something to impart a bit of moisture. Simply line your lip line with a black pencil, then fill in the entire portion of your lip. For a glossy look, top with your favorite clear gloss or balm. If you're after a more matte look, you could, of course, leave the liner as is without a topcoat but since liner alone can tend to feel a bit dry on the lips, I'd suggest topping it with a wax based lip moisturizer (like good ol' ChapStick). If you're happy with this more satiny finish, you're done. If you're craving a truly matte finish, pat a bit of black powder eye shadow over your lips.

With two minor revisions, you can use this same technique to get richer blackened red or plum shades. Line lips with a black liner like before, but this time only fill in your lips about 3/4 full, leaving just the very center blank. Layer a red, plum, even pink shade over and use a lip brush (or your pinky finger!) to blend the edges gently. The lack of liner in the the center of your lip will give an automatic highlight, making your lips look fuller despite the dark shade!

Take this lesson for what it is- an invitation to experiment with your makeup in a no-holds-barred manner. Use blush on your eyes, eye shadow as high lighter, anything goes. Sure, sometimes you'll end up looking ridiculous, but you may just stumble upon next season's hot trend.

*Keep in mind, certain color additives are not approved for all areas of the face. If you're sensitive, always test products in an inconspicuous place. Also keep in mind that the eye area is particularly prone to sensitivity and infection- it is imperative that you sanitize any product not meant for the area before you apply to lessen the chance of cross contamination.

Sorry: No Sales Post This Week!

Truth be told, I had a long weekend out of town and simply couldn't find the time to post this week's sales here, it takes longer than you'd think to track them down, add in the links, etc...

I have, however, been posting daily updates on Twitter, so if you're following me, you've not missed anything. If you're not, well- serves you right :)

I will resume the Sales post this Sunday, so stay tuned!
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