Thursday, September 30, 2010

Quick Tip: Milk, It Does a Body (and Face) Good!

I love the change of the seasons- unfortunately, my skin doesn't. Here's a quick soother for my skin that I can throw on anytime, because it only requires two "ingredients" that I always have on hand: a washcloth and some milk.

We all know that milk helps us grow big & strong when we drink it, but it's also great on the skin. The lactic acid in milk is a gentle exfoliator, milk fats and proteins act as skin-identical moisturizers and amino acids help to soothe irritation.

The simplest way to take advantage of these benefits is to soak a washcloth in milk (any type of milk will work, I prefer whole milk because of it's higher fat & protein content). I like to heat the cloth a bit by placing it in a shallow dish of milk and nuking it for about 10 seconds. Needless to say (yet here I go...) please make sure you test the cloth to make sure it's not too hot before you slap it on to your face! If the temperature is good for you, place the warm cloth on your skin for around 10 minutes, then rinse well with tepid water, and apply your normal moisturizer.

Oh, if you want to be fancy (or are too claustrophobic to sit with your nose & eyes covered for 10 minutes) you can actually buy disposable face mask cloths for the ridiculous tune of around a dollar or two for a dozen! They come compressed in a "tablet"- you just pour the liquid of your choice over them to make them expand, then pop them on! BTW, thanks to Charlotte of Lipglossiping for making me aware of those nifty little do-dads!

Monday, September 27, 2010

This Week's Sales:
Mehron, Tarte, Paula Dorf...
and more!

Between Bengals, broken toes & sick babies, it was crazy week, so I'm gonna be short and sweet, as I'm expecting the roofers here any minute (yeah, still dealing with that debacle). Have fun shopping this week!

HauteLook has Elemis on Monday, Talika on Tuesday, Dr. Rey, Hair U Wear and Mehron Halloween are all on Wednesday (I'm pretty excited about that Mehron sale- some people's Halloween makeup is every day fare for other people!) Senna Cosmetics and Sjal visit on Thursday.

Rue La La starts out the week with Savannah Bee Company on Monday (yes, they sell honey, but there are beauty products too!)They'll also feature exhale mindbodyspa on Tuesday, September 28th.

Ideeli features Tarte Cosmetics on Monday,

Gilt Groupe has Bliss on Tuesday, but the rest of their week is pretty quiet so far- stay tuned to me here or on Twitter for updates as the come!

Beyond the Rack begins it's Women's Fragrance event on Monday- which includes my signature scent: Lolita Lempicka. I also spotted Viktor & Rolf's Flowerbomb Extreme among the selection, so if it's time for a new bottle of your favorite scent, go shopping! The site also has a cosmetics event going on now (Clarisonic Classic Set for $149, anyone?) but this one's for US shoppers only.

To even things out for my UK readers, Brand Alley has a great week planned, with designer fragrances and cosmetics events going on now. Later this week, check out OPI on Tuesday and Clarins Paris on Thursday. If you're not a member yet, click here to sign up. It's free, and we'll both earn a £10 voucher!

Finally this week over at Beauty Story: Scarlett Cosmetics is the Monday feature, with terax hair care on Tuesday, Bubalina Natural Organics on Wednesday, Paula Dorf this Thursday and My True Nature on Friday.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Beauty School Blog
Show Your Stash Contest

You know how much I love you guys, right? Which is why I'm telling you this now- because I'd never want you to find out somewhere else my stash:

OK, this isn't my entire collection, but for now, It's all you get. Why would I spring this on you now, you ask? Well, because I've just finished baring my (beauty) soul to fellow beauty blogger Jen, for Beauty School Blog's latest contest. Call it extreme narcissism, call it the desire to win some really cool prizes, call it what you want. Oh, and enter for yourself for a chance to win goodies from companies like China Glaze and Seche. Contest ends Tuesday, October 5th at midnight EST. (By the way Jen, the 6th just so happens to be my birthday...just saying.)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Allure Magazine's 2010 Best of Beauty:
A Pro's Commentary

It's the list heard 'round the world; Allure’s annual Best of Beauty issue (October 2010) is the issue to beat all issues. Now considered a major industry accolade, this list of over 200 skincare, cosmetic and hair care products is meant to represent the best of the best; “handpicked and field-tested" by the magazine's editors.

Even after more than a decade in the beauty industry, I still run to this issue to see what other beauty pros choose. I picture magazine beauty editors with towering skyscraper stacks of product on their desks; they have access to the best, newest, most exclusive products out there. Every year this single issue contributes vastly to my ongoing list of “must try” pretties and potions, yet I also find myself shaking my head over some of the so-called “best”. This year, I thought I’d share some of my most noteworthy commentary with you, and maybe throw in a few suggestions myself!

Allure’s Best Eye Shadow (Color): Nars Daphne.

I know Nars has a great reputation, and some of their colors are to die for, but when it comes down to it, I’m not a believer. I have several shades (to be fair, I don’t own Daphne) and find that regardless of which base I use or how I apply, the vibrant out-of-the-pan shade fades (even sometimes becomes muddy) on my eye before I’ve even finished applying my mascara.

If you’re looking for a great vibrant purple, I suggest Sugarpill’s Poison Plum. It’s not a dead-on dupe; Daphne appears to be slightly more of a blue-based violet. Sugarpill's Poison Plum has a tad more red and also has a tiny bit of microglitter in it, but reads on the eyes as a matte. Oh, and it's half the price!

Poison Plum shown in the crease, shown
w/ Sugarpill Buttercupcake and Decora

Another great option is the purple shade in Sleek’s Acid iDivine Palette. While it does have some of the same fading issues as the Nars shadows, you can pick up an entire 12 shade Sleek palette for less than half what a single Nars shadow costs, so it's hard to go wrong there. In fact, if we’re giving awards out for shadow color, I’d give a nod to the entire Acid palette- how many of you have run into an honest-to-blog neon eyeshadow before? Sleek’s Acid palette has 4 shades so bright I had problems photographing them without a glare!

The purple I'm talking about is bottom left, but do
you see the 4 in the middle? Bicycle reflector bright!

Allure’s Best Lengthening Mascara: CoverGirl LashBlast Length

I’m so glad Allure doesn’t split the mascara into prestige and mass categories- I want to know which mascara is the best, and I couldn’t care less if I have to go to a drugstore or Saks to pick it up.

While I wasn’t as fond of the original LashBlast as everyone else seemed to be, the lengthening formula is one of my favorites. It gives great length and definition, doesn't flake or smudge, and I literally can not get this stuff to clump- even when I try!

Allure’s Best Brow Groomer: Clarins Eyebrow Kit Pro Palette

I’ve never tried Allure’s top choice, and I wouldn’t mention anything if I hadn’t found a holy-grail brow product this year: MAC’s Penultimate Brow Marker. This fine-line liquid pen comes in one universal shade that works for most hair colors. It fills and creates a great shape, without looking overly done or drawn on. Best of all, it stays on all day. The one caveat: last I knew, it was limited edition, so perhaps after my back-ups run dry I’ll try Allure’s recommendation.

I have this product in the shade Joy, a pretty peach that goes a bit more coral on my naturally pink lips. One of my go-to lip products, it applies smoothly and feels like butter on my lips. However, I don’t think stain is an accurate description- while it may leave a bit of color behind after the balm wears off, it certainly doesn’t linger with the color intensity it’s first applied with.

Allure’s Best Dry Shampoo: Tresemmé FreshStart Waterless Foam Shampoo

As if I psychically knew this would be included in Allure’s list, I actually just picked this up last week on a whim. I grabbed it because I noticed it was designed for dry to normal and curly hair, and that’s me.

It felt odd applying a wet mousse to my my hair while it was dry, and it was a bit awkward trying to work it into my roots without getting the rest of my hair wet. It did dry faster than I expected and my hair was a tiny bit cleaner than before use, but this stuff wasn’t nearly as effective as my current favorite: Batiste Dry Shampoo.

Who hasn’t tried this stuff? haven’t? I say skip it. Not that it’s a bad product, but it’s way overpriced considering it’s pure silica. MUFE charges $30 for .35 oz of a product that can be bought from online wholesalers for less than $5.00 for an entire ounce! There is some controversy that claims that the two products are not the same and that wholesale silica microspheres aren't safe, but personally I just think this is marketing rhetoric. The type of silica used in cosmetics is silica microspheres. The type of silica that causes lung disease is crystalline silica. Not the same stuff.

Aside from the price, I feel like the MUFE powder can look chalky if not blended well, and doesn't seem special in terms of finish or coverage.

Allure's Best for Sensitive Skin: Kinerase Cream

I've written about Kinerase in the past, and while it wasn't a review per sé, it gives you some insight on my opinions of the product. I actually have used Kinerase Cream, and wasn't a big fan (as a matter of fact, about 1/3 of the tube sits, unused, in my medicine cabinet). I didn't notice a thing in terms of fine line or spot reduction, and despised the chalky white film the product left on my skin. When I get down to brass tacks about it, the cream didn't even moisturize enough for my dry skin, so I was forced to move on to another product.

My current favorites for my own sensitive skin? CeraVe Cream is what I turn to when my skin is so irritated that everything else hurts. The bulky 16oz container doesn't pretend to be luxurious, but the cream itself soothes and moisturizes my skin into submission. This cream uses a patented time release technology that delivers moisturizers throughout the day. It not only hydrates, but helps skin attract and retain moisture, and helps to rebuild the skin's protective barrier. (BTW, I'm currently testing CeraVe's newest moisturizer, an AM version with SPF and anti-aging superstar niacinamide- review to follow, you can be sure!)

I'm also a big fan of Olay Regenerist Regenerating Serum (though, Olay, could you have picked a more redundant name?) and Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair. Both work as nice moisture boosters and provide great anti-oxidant protection. Lauder's ANR has a ton of the moisture magnet hyaluronic acid, while Olay's Regenerist boasts wrinkle fighting peptides and niacinamide.

Allure's Best Tweezers: Tweezerman Slant Tweezers
The platinum standard. Enough said. If you don't have a pair, go get some, NOW. Yes, they're $20, but they'll be the last pair of tweezers you'll ever have to buy (Literally. Tweezerman offers free lifetime sharpening.) Fair warning: do not be tempted to get the point tweezers, they're deadly!

So, that's it...there's my red-carpet blah-blah about what I think the best and brightest are (and aren't). There's a good chance you'll disagree with me on some points, or have your own opinions on some of the other 224 products featured in the issue. So...go grab the October Allure and come back to weigh in!

Some recommended products featured in this post were initially submitted for review consideration by a representative of the company. What does this mean? I may not have paid for it. My commitment is to you, my readers, and myself (it's called integrity, I like to have it). I can assure you that the opinions expressed on OutInAPout are my own, based on my own research and experience; I am not paid in any way nor is the final outcome of the post in any way influenced by the featured company.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

This Week's Sales:
Stila, NYX, Smashbox, Paul and Joe
...and more

I'm gonna start this post with a warning. I can not be held responsible for contributing to the delinquency of any reader's credit card balances, bank accounts or other personal assets after reading this sale post. This week is a doozy- not only are there a ton of sales, but there are actually a few seldom seen brands (a few I've never seen in the sale site arena). With fall right around the corner, I've got my eye out for a richer color palette and more hydrating skin care options. Something tells me I won't have too difficult a search!

Holy beauty sales HauteLook! This site is the heavy this week, with more sales in the first three days than most sites have all seven days! On Monday your choices are Stila, Somme Institute, Alterna, InStyler, and NuFace. Tuesday brings in DDF, Go SMiLE, Lorac, and Sprayology. Wednesday treats include NYX (not exactly high-end, but if you've never tried NYX don't let the low prices fool you- more than a few makeup pros swear by their blushes, shadows, round lipsticks and lashes!) LightStim, RapidLash and D'Arcy Skincare. Thursday the site hosts Tan Towel, Freeze 24-7, Hairdo by Jessica Simpson and Hand Perfection. Also on Thursday, but at 4:00 EST, Lorac pops up again in the form of a "Lucky's Lorac Lust Haves"event. Finally, Friday has Amika hair products, Red Ginger cosmetics, NuBrilliance, Enessa Aromatherapy. ::Breathe::

For any who are fond of ultra-high end skincare from M Lab, Dermstore will be having a 50% off private sale from 9/20 to 9/21 only! Please use the code MLABSECRET at check out!

On Tuesday Sept 21, stop over at Rue La La to peruse their selection of Smashbox Cosmetics, or hop on to Gilt Groupe for their Luminess Air feature.

Beyond the Rack has Sari by Ocean nail care (which started Sunday, so if you're interested, don't dally!) and Haute Skin starting Monday.

Beauty Story starts out the week this Monday with ATOPALM, T'Fivve and DERMAbaria. On Tuesday I'm super-psyched to check out Paul & Joe Beaute. I doubt we'll be so lucky as to see the cute kitten-headed lippies, but this is a brand I've been curious about for a while, so I can't wait to see what they have to offer! As an added incentive, the site is offering $10 off any purchase from the Paul & Joe Beaute sale! Just use coupon code BEAUTE10 when you check out! Next, on Wednesday the site features Mumma & Bubba Organics, on Thursday it's Lilibeth, and Friday's selection is Deep Steep.

So, who's in trouble? Don't be shy- share your wish list with us!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Weekend Deals:
Purely Cosmetics Anniversary and
$7 off at Beauty Story!

Just a quick post to keep you in the loop about a couple of special deals going on this weekend!

First, a today only anniversary offer from Purely Cosmetics. To celebrate year number 3, Purely is letting you pick the gift you want the most: choose between a 15% discount on any order (no minimum purchase required), or Free Worldwide Shipping ($15 minimum order). Free shipping is for First Class Mail only. If you select another shipping method, it will still ship first class. For the free shipping option, enter "ANNIVSHIPFREE" (case sensitive) in the "redeem code" box upon checkout. If you prefer the 15% off, that code is "ANNIV15OFF". This offer ends tonight at midnight, Central Standard time (that's 1 am for those of you in EST like me!)

Next, over on Beauty Story, get $7 off any one order made during this weekend's extended sales by entering coupon code WKND7OFF at checkout. Sales include Green Tea Botanicals, Sk1N, Doctor D. Schwab skincare, pur~lisse, Diane Stevens Cosmetics,Dazzle Dry Quick Dry Nail System and Abrione skincare. Offer expires Sunday, September 19th at 11 PM EST.

Monday, September 13, 2010

This Week's Sales:
The Body Shop, Eve Pearl, pur~lisse and more!

HauteLook The Body Shop and Butter London sales will both run until 11am (EST) on Wednesday, September 15th, so hurry over. You can also check out Cor Skincare on Tuesday, Alchimie Forever beginning Wednesday, Eve Pearl on Thursday and a Travertine Spa and Pixi double feature on Friday.

On Thursday, Gilt Groupe has a Bliss spa event, including both services and products. Also on Thursday, D.L. & Co. pops up again, this time on Rue La La. While they do make some personal fragrance items, I mainly mention this because of the company's delightfully macabre home decor- Halloween is right around the corner and if I can get a skull with a snake on it candle that smells yummy to boot, I'm gonna do it!

There are no listed beauty sales over at Ideeli this week, but they are "previewing" The O sale- all hand pics from the experts over at Oprah Magazine. Ideeli is keeping mum on when the even will start, but you know if Oprah says it's good it's gonna go like a Chanel bag at a yard sale, so check back here or follow me on Twitter for updates so you don't miss out!

Starting on Sunday, September 12th (snuck that in at the last minute!) Beyond the Rack hosts a Men's Fragrance Boutique for the guys in your life.

And, of course, here's the Beauty Story line up this week. On Monday it's Dazzle Dry Quick Dry Nail System & Abrione Natural Skin Care, followed by Diane Stevens Cosmetics on Tuesday, pur~lisse & Doctor D. Schwab skin care on Wednesday, SK1N Probiotic Skin Care Systems on Thursday and Green Tea Botanicals Skin Care on Friday, September 17th.

For those across the pond, Brand Alley has La Compagnie de Provence this week, as well as a Designer Cosmetics sale going on now that includes Clinique, Lancome, YSL and more. You can also check out Rio Salon Solutions, Designer Fragrances and Anti-Ageing Skincare later this week. If you're not a member, click here and we can both earn a £10 voucher when you make your first purchase!

So, what are you guys in the mood for this week? There's still technically a few weeks left to summer- are you running out your time by wearing all of those summer shades as much as possible, or have you already moved on to fall's richer palette?

Friday, September 10, 2010

Hey Baby! What's Your (Skin) Type?

Knowing your skin type is vital if you want to put your best face forward- so why does it remain such a mystery to so many people? Often, we look at symptoms like acne, flakiness or dry patches and make assumptions about our skin type that may not be accurate. Sadly, the fact is, people with dry skin break out and people with oily skin can experience dry patches or flakiness. So how can you tell what your true skin type is? A few simple questions, and a bit of introspection.

1. How does your skin feel immediately after patting it dry after a bath or shower?
  • Normal and combination skin will typically feel clean and comfortable.
  • Oily skin often feels as if it's not clean enough, or may even still feel slightly greasy. Pore generally appear larger on oily skin.
  • Dry skin will feel tight or itchy, may look visibly taut or stretched, and often has dry patches or flakiness. Pores will likely be less visible on dry skin.
2. How soon do you see an oily shine after cleansing your skin?
  • Contrary to popular belief, seeing shine on the skin is NOT in itself a sign of oiliness. It's normal for your skin to produce oil- that's how it protects itself. If you're not noticing the shine until midway through the day (say, lunchtime) then you're probably not truly oily, but rather normal/combination.
  • If you notice oil all over your face within an hour or two of washing, you may be oily.
  • Dry skin may not show oily breakthrough at all, or if it does, it probably won't be until well into the evening.
3. If you could change one thing about your skin, what would it be? What's the one thing that bothers you the most when you look in the mirror?
  • If you think this is a horribly rude question because you're one of the lucky few that simply wouldn't change a thing, then good for you! Protection and prevention should be your main focus. Sunscreen and antioxidants are your best friends, and if you're in your twenties or beyond, look for products with peptides or niacinamide to fend off wrinkles.
  • If you're already concerned with signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles, or dark spots, peptides and niacinamide can help you too. Products with alpha or beta hydroxy acids can also help to some degree, but more advanced expression lines and dark spots are most effectively treated with prescription retinol.
  • For those plagued by breakouts, you may want to try a gentle cleanser with salicylic acid. For dry or sensitive skin with breakouts, sulfur or charcoal are good ingredients that generally don't cause the dryness and irritation that salicylic acid can. Since acne is caused by bacteria in the skin, severe cases can be treated by prescription antibiotics. This is also a concern in which prescription retinol can be helpful, so if over the counter options aren't helping, talk to your doctor.
  • Two common mistakes people make when trying to control oil are over-cleansing and skipping moisturizer- creating a vicious cycle. Over-cleansing strips your skin of its natural oil and disrupts its protective barrier, which triggers your skin to pump out even more oil to compensate. This leads to more cleansing to get rid of that oil, and so on... Instead, choose a gentle foaming cleanser and use an oil-free gel or lotion moisturizer. Your skin is smart- it’ll sense the moisture you’re providing and, in time, cut its own oil production back since the excess oil is no longer necessary.
Finally, you need to consider what kind of products you're using. In the years that I've been advising on skincare and makeup, I can't tell you how many people I've seen that are using the wrong products on their skin and are actually causing the problems they complain about. Everything you use on your skin can affect its natural balance- even something like a cleanser that's only on the skin for a few minutes per day. In fact, things you don't directly put onto your skin, like shampoo or hairspray, can make a difference. (If you're going "Huh?" then read this!)

These indicators are tough to describe in writing, but often in cases where the skin is doing confusing things it can be traced back and remedied by changing a step or two in the skincare process. For instance, if you feel tight after cleansing, but have oil peeking through by lunch, you probably have normal/combo skin but are using a cleanser that's too harsh. That's just one is as unique as...well...a finger print, and everything from diet to heredity weighs in.

Armed with this knowledge, analyze your answers to the questions above- average them together and a clear skin type may present itself. As always, if you’re not confident after reading this, feel free to leave questions in the comments (or even message me) and I'd be happy to help!

Good luck!

Monday, September 6, 2010

This Week's Sales:
Booty Parlor, Dianne Brill, St Tropez Tanning...
and more!

Hope everyone out there had a great Labor Day Weekend- we spent Sunday downtown and capped off the evening with the legendary WEBN Rozzi fireworks (and it is legendary- check it out on YouTube if you don't believe me!) Even though it's still technically summer for the next few weeks, it's hard not to be itchy for cool weather, cute sweaters and, of course Halloween. Something to keep in mind while you're cruising the sales this week: cold weather often means dryer skin, so think about picking up more moisture rich fall staples. Have fun!

HauteLook opens for beauty business on Tuesday September 7th with Booty Parlor, and also features Aeto Haircare on Thursday the 9th.

If you live in LA, Chicago or NYC, then your in luck: check out Rue La La's Get Gorgeous: Ultra Indulgent Treatments event this Wednesday.

In one hit wonder land, Beyond the Rack's Body & Soul sale begins Monday, Ideeli has Mindy Shear on, Gilt Groupe hosts Baby Quasar on Wednesday, and Editors' Closet has a fragrance blowout on Thursday (BTW, if you're not a member of the Closet yet, click here for an invite!)

Privatistas features Olivia care this week, along with the Oliver Ifergan Atelier hair care boutique that seems like a constant fixture on the site. Click here if you're not a member yet, and I'll send you a personalized invite!

The Beauty Story menu this week begins with Crash on Tuesday, then Dianne Brill on Wednesday, DermaNew on Thursday and Ken Paves Hairdo on Friday, September 10th.

For my UK readers, Brand Alley is a hot bed this week! Jennifer Ulisse Acessories is going on now, Parfums Balmain, Balenciaga and Gap starting Tuesday and St Tropez Tanning on Wednesday. Rio Salon Solutions ends the week on Saturday. If you're not a member yet, we can both earn a £10 voucher! Just click here and I'll send an invite right out!

So, lots to see this week- who's up for what?

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Brand Spotlight:
One Hand Washes the Other

Halloween is, by far, my favorite time of the year. I've been known to keep the crows and tombstones up in my yard past the year's first snow, and last year I didn't even bother taking down my raven-feather wreath! Suffice it to say that Halloween decor is a vice of mine. Halloween themed beauty products? Forget about it! When I hopped onto Gothique a few weeks ago and saw that Grey's Picks of the Week were super sweet, skull-adorned, Halloween scented beauty products, it was all over!

I jumped over to One Hand Washes the Other's Etsy store right away to peruse their products and instantly something caught my eye (I know, real shocker!) Whipped Bathing Creme; sounds good just saying it, doesn't it? I'm sure it doesn't hurt that I kinda want to eat it- a bathing product that looks like a jar full of fresh whipped cream sounds like a great idea to me! It's definitely a plus that the creme is chock-full of moisturizing sweet almond oil, shea butter and vitamin E. But...the clincher for me? 2oz travel sizes available in almost 100 scents- plus, she takes requests for custom fragrances! Oh, did I mention the price? $2.50 each. Seriously. How could I not???

After checking out One Hand's extensive fragrance list, I chose three scents from the OHWTO library- Absynthe, Kettle Corn and Los Angelitos. I also contacted shop owner Becca about making a recreation of one of my (and my fiancé's) favorite shower scents ever- Maple Syrup. As luck would have it, maple is actually a component of OHWTO's Victuals fragrance, so she whipped up some for me & sent my order on it's way!

When my package arrived, I couldn't rip in to it fast enough, even though it meant cutting through the super-cute damask printed packing tape (where can I get that???) Inside I found one of most thoughtfully packaged orders I've ever received.

Inside my purple bundle, I found a cute little serpent perched atop my four individually wrapped jars of Whipped Bathing Creme. Inside their golden cocoons, each jar was sealed inside a small plastic zip-bag to protect the rest of the shipment in case an leakage occurred (it didn't). A classic spider ring and a sample of OHWTO's solid perfume in the limited edition scent, Coven, were also in the main package, with even more surprises waiting for me in to box. Cute little monster stickers (which my little monster promptly snatched up!) joined the contents with a fabulous branded post card and a mysterious envelope- sealed olde-school style with a hot wax insignia (love it!) Inside I found a hand signed receipt along with two more solid fragrance samples (Barrista and Victorian Rose).

Of course, you can expect a full review of the Whipped Bathing Cremes as soon as I've had ample time to play, but to give you a sample (as I was given) I will say that sending me Coven was a great choice. While the fragrance dries down a little too woody/spicy for my tastes, I ADORE the scent with the top notes intact, and am crossing my fingers it'll be available as some kind of bath product. Described as a "bewitching brew of jack-o-lanterns, dragon's blood, patchouli and amber, spiked with citrus and grounded out by a drop of dark and smoky vetivert", I can say nothing better than that it just smells like Halloween. You can imagine how I feel about that!

BTW, for those on the look out for vegan products, One Hand Washes the Other fits that bill too! Keep an eye out soon for my full review, or check out Becca's shop yourself in the mean time!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Quick Tip:
Save Your Color & Skip the Dandruff!

We all know dandruff shampoos can dry hair and strip color, but lets face it- those of us that need them...need them. After all, what's a shiny head of lushly colored locks worth if all anyone is focused on is a big flake-o-scalp falling off of your noggin. Eww, right?

To help keep my color in place while eradicating flakies, I coat the length of my hair thickly with conditioner before I use my dandruff shampoo. I leave the conditioner in my hair while lathering just my scalp with the medicated shampoo (after all, it's only your scalp that's the issue here). After cleansing my scalp, I simply rinse my hair in cool water without actually lathering the rest of my hair.

This is actually similar to a growing hair phenomenon called co-washing (short for conditioner washing which, as the name implies, uses only conditioner to wash the hair). Anyone tried it? What did you think? Did you buy one of the "cleansing conditioners" made for the purpose, or did you just use your favorite standby?

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