Sunday, September 26, 2010

Beauty School Blog
Show Your Stash Contest

You know how much I love you guys, right? Which is why I'm telling you this now- because I'd never want you to find out somewhere else my stash:

OK, this isn't my entire collection, but for now, It's all you get. Why would I spring this on you now, you ask? Well, because I've just finished baring my (beauty) soul to fellow beauty blogger Jen, for Beauty School Blog's latest contest. Call it extreme narcissism, call it the desire to win some really cool prizes, call it what you want. Oh, and enter for yourself for a chance to win goodies from companies like China Glaze and Seche. Contest ends Tuesday, October 5th at midnight EST. (By the way Jen, the 6th just so happens to be my birthday...just saying.)


Musing on Beauty said...

aaww, I like this sneak peek at your stash :-)

*jen said...

Lol. I'll take that into consideration. Thanks for entering!

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