Saturday, September 4, 2010

Brand Spotlight:
One Hand Washes the Other

Halloween is, by far, my favorite time of the year. I've been known to keep the crows and tombstones up in my yard past the year's first snow, and last year I didn't even bother taking down my raven-feather wreath! Suffice it to say that Halloween decor is a vice of mine. Halloween themed beauty products? Forget about it! When I hopped onto Gothique a few weeks ago and saw that Grey's Picks of the Week were super sweet, skull-adorned, Halloween scented beauty products, it was all over!

I jumped over to One Hand Washes the Other's Etsy store right away to peruse their products and instantly something caught my eye (I know, real shocker!) Whipped Bathing Creme; sounds good just saying it, doesn't it? I'm sure it doesn't hurt that I kinda want to eat it- a bathing product that looks like a jar full of fresh whipped cream sounds like a great idea to me! It's definitely a plus that the creme is chock-full of moisturizing sweet almond oil, shea butter and vitamin E. But...the clincher for me? 2oz travel sizes available in almost 100 scents- plus, she takes requests for custom fragrances! Oh, did I mention the price? $2.50 each. Seriously. How could I not???

After checking out One Hand's extensive fragrance list, I chose three scents from the OHWTO library- Absynthe, Kettle Corn and Los Angelitos. I also contacted shop owner Becca about making a recreation of one of my (and my fiancé's) favorite shower scents ever- Maple Syrup. As luck would have it, maple is actually a component of OHWTO's Victuals fragrance, so she whipped up some for me & sent my order on it's way!

When my package arrived, I couldn't rip in to it fast enough, even though it meant cutting through the super-cute damask printed packing tape (where can I get that???) Inside I found one of most thoughtfully packaged orders I've ever received.

Inside my purple bundle, I found a cute little serpent perched atop my four individually wrapped jars of Whipped Bathing Creme. Inside their golden cocoons, each jar was sealed inside a small plastic zip-bag to protect the rest of the shipment in case an leakage occurred (it didn't). A classic spider ring and a sample of OHWTO's solid perfume in the limited edition scent, Coven, were also in the main package, with even more surprises waiting for me in to box. Cute little monster stickers (which my little monster promptly snatched up!) joined the contents with a fabulous branded post card and a mysterious envelope- sealed olde-school style with a hot wax insignia (love it!) Inside I found a hand signed receipt along with two more solid fragrance samples (Barrista and Victorian Rose).

Of course, you can expect a full review of the Whipped Bathing Cremes as soon as I've had ample time to play, but to give you a sample (as I was given) I will say that sending me Coven was a great choice. While the fragrance dries down a little too woody/spicy for my tastes, I ADORE the scent with the top notes intact, and am crossing my fingers it'll be available as some kind of bath product. Described as a "bewitching brew of jack-o-lanterns, dragon's blood, patchouli and amber, spiked with citrus and grounded out by a drop of dark and smoky vetivert", I can say nothing better than that it just smells like Halloween. You can imagine how I feel about that!

BTW, for those on the look out for vegan products, One Hand Washes the Other fits that bill too! Keep an eye out soon for my full review, or check out Becca's shop yourself in the mean time!


Libby's Pink Vanity said...

I can see why you tore into these goodies!

*jen said...

I did not need to know about this.


Jennie said...

Oooh, these would be great stocking stuffers for Christmas!

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