Monday, April 12, 2010

This Week's Sales:
Bionova, Clinique, Senna Cosmetics and
FREE Batiste!

This week, HauteLook hosts QuickTrim, Idol White and EBoost on Monday, April 12th. Next, on Wednesday check out Baby Quasar Pro Skincare, followed by Bionova Skincare on Thursday, Nutra Sonic Skincare on Friday and Epicuren Baby Skincare on Saturday.

Gilt Groupe starts out the week with Go Smile on Monday, skipping to Clinique on Wednesday. The Groupe is keeping Friday, Saturday and Sunday under wraps for now, so make sure you check back later this week for updates!

RowNine reminds us that Mother's and Father's I mean, we're a bit far out there for Dad's day, but I guess it never hurts to be proactive! Both the Men's and Women's fragrance gift boutiques start Monday. Oddly, Beyond the Rack has a Men's fragrance boutique starting this Monday too. The site is touting brands like Nautica, Burberry, Hanae Mori, Marc Jacobs, and a ton more, so if you're browsing for the man in your life, don't forget to comparison shop (if he's anything like my fiance, he'll appreciate that as much as the actual gift!)

Elsewhere, Rue La La has Corioliss on Tuesday, April 13th, while Editor's Closet hosts Senna Cosmetics on Thursday, April 15th and Sea Enzyme on Friday. OH, and I have to say: Eeeek! Tokidoki is up for grabs in The Closet on Monday, April 12th. TKDK does have a new beauty line, but it's exclusive to Sephora, so this sale will be focused on the line's super adorable accessories. I'll definitely be checking it out! If you want to, make sure you click here for a personal invite to create your free account!

While I'm thinking of it, anyone like free stuff? An odd little find, but leave it to me...whilst perusing my local Kroger's prestige haircare section, what did I see but my favorite dry shampoo, Batiste! I need to do a full-on review, but take this as a mini: it's good, go buy some. Oh, and did I mention free? The caps on the Batiste at my Kroger store all boasted a "try it for free" mail-in rebate! So for the cost of a stamp (OK, I guess I lied, it's not totally free...) I grabbed a can. I should mention, I normally buy my Batiste at Sally Beauty, because it's almost a dollar cheaper there, but I've never seen the rebate being offered on the cans at Sally's so it's possible this is a retailer-specific deal. Kroger owns several other grocery chains though, so hopefully you can track one down near you!

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