Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Farewell Aromaleigh

Yesterday, the lovely Miss K of Aromaleigh Cosmetics announced that the line will be ending production and closing up shop. Though I hadn't gotten around to writing about Aromaleigh much here, I know many of you will be familiar with this home grown brand and it's charismatic leader.

In a heartfelt letter to her long time customers, Kristen briefly alludes to the motivations behind the decision to close her 12-year-old business. As a thank you to her loyal clientele, she is currently offering a 35% discount on Aromaleigh's remaining inventory, which I suppose is the silver lining if there is one to be had. (Use code ADIEU35, offer good for the next 2 weeks).

I've enjoyed using Aromaleigh products and often have found inspiration in Miss K's visions, presented not only in her product line, but via her blog, tumblr feed and tweets. Kristen has the soul of a true artist; I wish her luck in all of her endeavors, and sincerely hope this is not the last we've seen of her.

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