Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sleek Makeup 50% Off Sale!

For those of you that follow me on Twitter, this probably isn't big news, because I've been talking about it since I first heard it was going to happen a few weeks ago. If you're not familiar, Sleek Makeup is a UK based brand probably best known for their i-Divine Palettes; 12 super pigmented eyeshadow shades for less than the price of one pan of MAC! If you missed it, their Acid iDivine Palette was one of my "Best of Beauty" mentions this year, and I absolutely adore their Pout Polishes (I own them all except the very newest and I promise an in-depth review soonish!)

The big news is that, as a thank you to their fan base, the brand will be hosting a 12 hour long 50% off sale on their website tomorrow, Thursday, November 11th. The sale will begin at 12:00 GMT (which, if my calculations are correct, means I'll be setting my alarm for 7am EST!) For US users, the code USD50SLK must be entered at check out. In the UK, the code is GBP50SLK, and EUR50SLK is the code for all users in the rest of Mainland Europe (those where the € sign is automatically selected as the default on the website).

If you've never tried Sleek, now is the time. Everything I've tried from the brand is well worth the full retail price (and more!) so half off is a deal you definitely shouldn't miss. Oh, and make sure you're following me here for a chance to WIN some awesome Sleek goodies!


Ladyofthelaake said...

Wow this was some sport! The sale went crazy, the website was slow and there were bugs (like the Sunset palette appearing available when it was actually out of stock), etc.
BUT I was still there and managed to place an order, woohoo!
Now I hope all turns out well when they sort out all their mails and orders... I'm not so sure thay'll have a great next week :/

Unknown said...

Good for you getting that order through! I tried for over 8 hours (and I was logged into the site at 7am when the sale began!)and I'm not even sure if my order went through!

I guess it speaks well of the brand that it was so crazy, but there were certainly some issues that they should have been better prepared for. I wouldn't be surprised if we see another big promo in the future to make up for this SNAFU!

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