Monday, December 20, 2010

Urban Decay $2.00 Sale!!!

Consider this my teaser to this week's sales. Though I'm unable to get the entire sale list up tonight, I couldn't live with myself if I was somehow to blame for someone missing out on HauteLook's Urban Decay sale. $2.00. Everything. Seriously. Get there quick, cause I'm sure its gonna sell through fast (and boy will I be ticked if there are only 4 things included in the sale!)

When you're done, check back here for the rest of this week's sales! Also coming up this week, I'll finally have swatches & my thoughts on all 7 of Sugarpill's newest Chromalusts, and ironically (you'll see why!) I'll debut a new feature I'm calling "Am I the only one who hates..." where you can tune in to hear me rant about a brand everyone loves (ppssst: it's not Sugarpill, sillies! I <3 Sugarpill, you know that!) Hey, you never know, maybe it's the same one that leaves you wondering "Am I the only one?"


luckiebeauty said...

Can't wait to see the swatches!
I just discovered this brand yesterday and I love it.


Unknown said...

ask and ye shall receive! :) Sugarpill is a phenomenal line- I have almost everything they make, use it often on myself & clients and have never been disappointed!

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