Monday, May 2, 2011

Beauty Buzz Words:
Natural Moisturizing Factors

Our skin is protected by a natural barrier, which is composed of lipids and components called Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMFs). It's this barrier that holds moisture in and keeps bacteria out. A weakened barrier can result in irritation, inflammation, moisture loss and a hospitable environment to bacteria. This can mean acne, wrinkles, and dry, rough, flaky skin.

Natural Moisturizing Factors in skin care mimic the skin's natural structure, and have been proven to help repair barrier damage. These ingredients are virtually identical to the naturally occurring components in your skin. Since your skin can't tell the difference between what's naturally there & what you're adding, this means NMFs have very little potential to irritate.

Ingredients to look for include amino acids (like arginine, glycine, lycine, and tyrosine), ceramides, cholesterol, fatty acids (like glycerides and sterols, glycerin and hyaluronic acid (aka sodium hyaluronate.)

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Musing on Beauty said...

Didn't know about that. Very intersting. Haven't seen this used as a marketing claim as such so far but I'll be looking :)

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