Tuesday, October 18, 2011

This Week's Sales: Stila, Creed, Crown Brush
...and More!

Beyond the Rack
Monday: Amika Flat Iron purchase with purchase
Tuesday: Melissa Beth

Ends Wednesday: Beauty Boutique
Ends Thursday: Baylis & Harding
Starts Tuesday: Le Bain Bath & Beauty, Designer Cosmetics feat. Lord & Berry, Stila and more

If you're not a member yet, click here for an invite and we can both earn a £10 voucher!
Wednesday: Creed Fragrances

Monday: Passport to Style- Chic Travel Accessories

Monday: Stila
Tuesday: Evis MD, Ecru New York
Wednesday: Creative Hair Tools
Thursday: Crown Brush

Monday: Cosmesis Skincare
Friday: Lava Tech

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