Thursday, March 15, 2012

Illamasqua Spring/Summer 2012:
The Human Fundamentalism Collection

Once again, Illamasqua knocks it out of the park- but this season it's a whole new look for the company. Taking a vacation from the opulent, theatrically Gothic leanings we've come to know, the new collection celebrates "the fundamental human desire to express your inner beauty on the outside" with a collection full of poppy shades that could be plucked from a bazaar in Istanbul as easily as a rave in New York City.
''Human Fundamentalism to me is physical expression of your self-belief, sharing your opinions with colour that shape the narrative of your thoughts and inner self. It is a statement of conviction and colour confidence, it states, this is me and now see what I see, be tinted by how I express colour and behold an oblivion to social convention and constraints.''  
—David Horne, Illamasqua Director of New Product Development 
Chances are good that, if you're reading this blog, this statement resonates with you as much as it does me. Color is vital to my world, to my mood, to my being. It does indeed express and celebrate who I am, even if that "who" as completely different than the "me" of yesterday and tomorrow.

As always, Illamasqua Creative Director, revered makeup artist Alex Box, brings us visually shattering images to illustrate the collection (which includes brand new lip, eye, nail and skin shades).

Pretty amazing, right? And while it's on my mind, a big thumbs up to the folks over at Illamasqua for the new site design- the "moving skin swatch" feature is simply brilliant!

Human Fundamentalism launches today, March 15th 2012. I'm at the mercy of international post, but stay tuned for a closer look at the collection in the coming weeks!


Ana said...

Ooh, and they've got Vania Zouravliov working for them!
So. Amazing.

Puriche said...

i love their makeup range, fabulous!

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