Tuesday, May 22, 2012

This Week's Sales: Dr. Brandt, Face Atelier, StriVectin & more!

Tuesday May 22nd: Hair Accessories
Thursday: Show-stopping Color Contacts

Ends Tuesday: Sranrom Skincare, Designer Fragrance feat. Juicy Couture, Thierry Mugler, Viktor & Rolf and more

Starts Tuesday: Bellapierre Cosmetics

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Daily Candy
Ends Wednesday May, 23rd: $25 for $50 or $50 for $100 at HollyBeth's Natural Luxury
Ends Thursday, May 24th: $20 for $40 or $40 for $80 at Hellomellow organic body care
Ends Friday, June 1st: $75 for $150 at PureCeuticals Skincare
Ends Monday, June 4th: $25 for $50 at beautorium.com

Just a few of the many, many websites listed this week:
39%: Proactiv Solution
13%: Beauty.com, Philosophy, Prescriptives
7%: Lancome
5%: Shu Uemura

Monday: Lorac, Mario Badescu
Tuesday: Dr. Brandt, Rain Cosmetics
Wednesday: NEO Hair Tools, FACE atelier
Thursday: NYX, Hairdo by Jessica Simpson, Di Toscana
Ends Wednesday, May 30th: $20 for $40 on BeautyClub.

Lucky Chic
Monday: La Vie Celeste skin care
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Monday: Bubalina, Nume hair appliances, Actifirm Skincare, Swim & Sun- Summer Skincare, feat. Dermatouch, Suncare Defense, Sonya Dakar & more
Tuesday: StriVectin
Wednesday: Amal Oils, Institut Karité Paris
Thursday: Bremenn Research Labs
Friday: Basq Skincare

If you're not a member yet and would like an invitation, click here.
Tuesday: exhale mind body spa

Monday: Andis Personal Care, Belli body care

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fashionchicsta said...

I can't wait for wednesday!!! I missed out on the FACEatelier sale in December... I'm looking for lippys!!

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