Saturday, September 15, 2012

Color of the Moment: Blackberry
(and Quick Tips On How to Pull it Off!)

Call it what you want: mulberry, eggplant, aubergine, wine or maroon. From juicy to vampy-deep,  purple is popping this fall, from tips to lips!

Left: OPI Every Month Is Oktoberfest Right: Zoya Katherine
Thanks to Jen of The PolishAholic for sharing her amazing photos!
Illamasqua Complement Pallette

MAC Yung Rapunxel
Now, I'm all for this trend- it actually makes me long for cooler weather! But don't be fooled. While these shades are neutral enough for anyone to wear, that doesn't mean they're always easy to pull off. Rich berry hues on the nails are a great way to ease in, and shadows like the ones above can be smudged along the lash line for an easy but eye-catching pop (if you're feeling bolder, apply them to the entire lid & smoke out the edges just above the crease).

If you're planning to rock a plum lip, however, you have to be a bit savvy to put your best pout forward. See, purple sits in a cozy place on the color wheel right across from yellow, and that means it will intensify any yellow put up against it. So if you worry that your pearlies could be a bit whiter, get a jump on this trend and grab an at-home tooth whitening kit. Even over-the-counter versions can lighten teeth several shades; my past favorite, Crest Whitestrips has a new version that guarantees laser-like results. Kits can be a bit pricey, but rebates and coupons take some of the sting out, and luckily, they're pretty easy to find (check your Sunday paper). And, after all, it's a relatively small price to pay for head-turning fierceness :)


Ana said...

Plum lips - best lips -.- .

Unknown said...

So glad this is trending again- I'm definitely going to get some use out of my MAC Night Violet!

blogatka said...

Excellent choice of color cosmetics. I really like it. And do you know the cosmetics brand Yves Rocher? I would recommend that they are really good

Karen Toon said...

I'm going to have to try the Oktoberfest....gorgeous! (And it matches a dress I'm wearing to a wedding this weekend.)

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