Friday, April 12, 2013

Julie G Frosted Gumdrops on Groupon!

I have been lemming these polishes since my friend Courtney (aka. Phyrra) introduced me to them.  These textured varnishes are a Rite Aid exclusive and are so reasonably priced a 3rd grader could grab one with her weekly allowance ($3.99/ea)! They've been sold-out online almost since they launched, and since the only Rite Aids I know of are 230 miles away, I was totally preparing to send my loving out-of-town Mama on a wild goose chase to get my hands (talons?) on these babies!

Then Phyrra came to my rescue with the alert that the entire collection of 6 shades is available on Groupon- for just $12.99!!! If you've been wanting to try the glittered-sand, textured polish trend, you really can't go wrong here- even with shipping (a couple bucks unless you spend $15, then it's free) you're looking at less than $3 a bottle! Needless to say, I snatched one up, so you'll be seeing my swatches & thoughts on the collection as soon as my fleet-footed mail person can get these to my door.

What are your thoughts? Are you a fan of the new gritty craze?


Katie said...

That is a great deal!

Norma P. Marino said...

The color is so cute!

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