Friday, May 17, 2013

Illamasqua Gives Thanks
...and 50% Off!

I've already tweeted about it and posted about it on my Facebook page, but for a deal like this, I need to touch all of my bases! To celebrate hitting 50,000 twitter followers, Illamasqua is having a 50% off EVERYTHING flash sale. And flash it is- those who saw my updates earlier know the original sale was planned for this morning from 12pm-5pm GMT and from 12am-5am GMT this evening. Due to an overwhelming response, Illamasqua has had to shorten the second slot to only an hour.

Use code TWITTER50 from 12am-1am BST (that's 7-8pm for those of you in Eastern Daylight Time) and stock up on your favorite alternate-ego must haves! For those of you who just can't decide what to get, here are a few of my favorites:

Satin Primer
Great for drier skin, or anyone that needs to add a bit of a luminous glow to their skin. There's no shimmer or pearl in here, just a nice hydrating primer. Use it all over before applying makeup, or A mix a drop in to your foundation for a more sheer, dewy finish.

Skin Base Foundation
One of my favorite foundations, bar none. Flawless coverage, seamless blending, long wearing, and a shade range to beat all others. Check out my full review for more details and color swatches!

Nail Varnish in Speckle
Illamasqua's nail lacquers are highly coveted; one look at this dappled lilac and you can see why! I've even seen one particular high-end polish maven dupe these, so Illamasqua must be on to something...

So, did anyone out there take advantage of this morning's sale? What did you get?

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