Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Must Have Item:
Graham Professional HandsDown Ultra
Nail and Cosmetic Pads

Pack away those puffs and check out these genius little do-dads! HandsDown Pads ($5.69 for 240) are a must-have for your makeup kit. They are, of course, ideal for polish removal- the super absorbent pad somehow holds remover without allowing it to dry out, and they're tough enough that even my chunkiest glitters don't shred them! Today I finally got around to removing my Julie G Gumdrops pedi, and one pad did the job. ONE PAD. Unheard of, especially considering the hefty texture of the polish I was disposing of.

So, what's my favorite thing about these? Well, tell me: is there anyone out there who has *ever* successfully removed polish from one nail without completely destroying your mani on the fingers that are holding the remover-soaked cotton? If you have developed that skill set, you may not be as impressed by this nifty little feature as I am, but I adore the flexible plastic tab that completely covers the back of HandsDown pads. The tab is easy to hold, and even pure acetone won't soak through, so I can now remove goofs at-will while keeping my perfect, unruined fingers un-botched!

HandsDown Pads aren't a one trick pony, either. They're lint-free, so they work well for applying makeup. They make great disposable powder puffs, and I've been known to pre-load a bit of blush onto the pad and throw it into my purse for late-night touch-ups. I've even moistened the pad with a bit of micellar solution (if you don't know what that is, keep your eyes out for my upcoming post) and used it as an impromptu exfoliator! Grainy scrubs, and even my Clarisonic, irritate my skin, but these have just the right amount of texture.

So, what do you think- is it worth a trip to the beauty supply store? Have you tried HandsDown pads? What's your favorite way to use them?

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Ana said...

This sounds just too good!

I can't wait for their dupes to hit our market.

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