Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Trust me- Blue is Back!

I know blue shadow can be scary, but give this winter twist a try!

First, pull out that light, shimmery blue shadow (that you never thought you'd use again.) Apply a pearly white or nude shade on your lids, ending a bit above the crease of the eye, leaving the brow bone bare. Then, using a small eyeshadow brush (smaller than a pencil eraser) apply the blue shadow just around the lash line, both around the top and the bottom lashes. Finish by adding a bit more white in the inner corner of the eyes (nearest your nose). Skip the liner to keep your eyes more open looking, and top it off with a coat of lengthening mascara, or even a set of falsies if you're feeling extra brave.

Compliment your bright eyes by adding a good amount of color to your cheeks- a bright pink or peach will work best. You're looking for that "I just made a snowman" flush, so try a bit more color than you're used to, but balance it out by only applying it to the apples of the cheeks.

Keep your lips simple and shiny, a good bet is a nude or peachy gloss. (Staying sheer also hides chapped lips better than dark shades, while the gloss will help to soothe and protect.) Stay away from frosts or anything pink on your lips to avoid turning this fresh "snow angel" look into a 1983 prom queen.

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