Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Welcome to Out In a Pout!

How to begin....

I'm Jessica. I've been a makeup artist for 13 years, which is dangerously close to half of my life. If you ask just about anyone who knows me, they'll tell you: I love makeup. It truly is the most comfortable creative outlet for me. I love makeup because it can make you more beautiful, it can hide your (perceived) flaws, it can make you feel better about yourself when you're down. It can also make you feel more confident, in some cases (and I'm not just talking about the Theatre) it can even change a persona.

In my years of being a makeup artist I have seen women moved to tears over something seemingly simple; adding eyebrows to a face that has lost them to chemotherapy, but more than that, having someone to listen. Makeup can be cathartic to the artist and the client. It's true that we live in a vain society- thankfully, we don't all have to worry about paparazzi catching us without so much as concealer when we run to the grocery to pick up milk, though some of us behave as if we do. I am one of those people who doesn't leave the house without a minimum of foundation, concealer and powder on my face. People who think I have perfect skin are mistaken- I'm just really good at faking it!

I think makeup is an art, and not a solitary one. I work best with feedback, with inspiration. I hate those Diva style makeup artists who do what they want to do, ignore the client's desires, and occasionally throw out a veiled (or not-so-veiled) insult in a pathetic attempt to inflate themselves. I think the best way for a client to be confident in my abilities is to like my work. In order for that to happen, it's important to listen. I am confident in my skills and abilities, and to me, that means I'm not scared that the person in my chair is going to ask for a look I can't provide. Go ahead- ask! Tell me what you don't like: I can do makeup, I can not read minds.

In coming posts, I hope to give you insight into who I am, but I also plan on sharing the knowledge I've gathered over my years of working with makeup and skincare. Look for tips and tricks, and maybe even a recipe or two- feel free to ask questions as they come up- I'll do my best to answer what I know or use the resources I depend on to find out.

Thanks for coming by, and hope to "see" you soon.

:) Jessica

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