Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How to Apply Believable Bronzer

If you can trust the runways, tan is in this season- then again, when is it not? According to Nars makeup artist Ayako, the look is “a gipsy girl who’s naturally weathered”. Though "naturally weathered" may not be the look most of us are going for, it's easy to take a cue from the runways and add a bit of color to your life!

I generally work with powder bronzers, which have a wider selection of colors and are easier to blend. If your skin tone is fair or light, choose a bronzer that has a slight rosy tone- this more closely mimics the glow of naturally tanned skin. For deeper and olive skin tones, stay with a bronzer that looks more brown than orange or peach, like the "natural" shade from Victoria's Secret (FYI, this is the same shade they used to call "Sunny Cheeks" in their old line). If your goal is a natural, believable tan you'll probably want to stay away from "illuminating" bronzers- they contain shimmer or sparkles that are a dead giveaway that your tan is faux.

Prep your skin as usual, applying any foundation or concealer before you bronze. Apply a dusting of loose powder before you apply the bronzer. Powders apply best over other powders, so this step will help ensure that you get smooth, streak free color from your bronzer.

Swirl your color onto a blush brush, then tap the brush lightly against the palm of your hand to knock off any excess color. Apply bronzer to the raised areas of your face; this is where the sun would naturally hit. Start with the apples of the cheeks, then bring the color up and over the bridge of your nose. Use what's left on the brush to lightly dust some color onto the center of your forehead, close to your hairline. Layer the color to get the depth you desire, then do a final blend by dusting a clean powder brush over the edges of your color.

As a finishing touch, add just a bit of bright pink blush to the apples of your cheeks; this mimics that little flush of pink that develops after a day in the sun.

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