Sunday, March 22, 2009

IMHO: The New Guess Campaign

OK, I'm gonna say it. Am I the only one that thinks that the makeup in Guess's new campaign looks like the "don't" page from a makeup artist's training guide?

Guess is apparently bringing back the head-to-toe denim, big hair, and even the makeup of the 80's- straight out of a Robert Palmer video. Seriously. Add some gloss to the Guess model and you're there.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I don't believe in many rules when it comes to makeup. It's makeup, not aerospace engineering- it should be whatever you think is fun and pretty. If there is one rule, however, that I almost always stick to it's this: pick one feature and go with it! If you have strong eyes, go with a soft lip. Likewise, don't pile on the eye makeup if you're sporting dramatic lips. Otherwise, it's a bit like a 3 ring circus: you just don't know where to look!


Ashley! said...

Wow, I'm really not a fan of that campaign! The woman looks like a clown in every single shot!

I totally agree that you gotta pick a feature and go with it.

The only exception to this rule is if someone is going for 1920's flapper looks with smouldering eyes and red lips. Even then, it has to be applyed right.

Unknown said...


I'm a big fan of the 20's look too- have you seen the weekly challenge on Makeup Geek? It sounds exactly like what you're talking about- bold eyes and lips, bone-china skin, and it all works amazingly!

Thanks for the comment!

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