Saturday, June 6, 2009

Lime Crime Look:
The Phoenix

This incendiary look is an update of an old signature look of mine that came to be known as fire eyes. When I first created this look, you simply couldn't find red eyeshadow; I used blush and lip liner to create the flame's vivid red. Now, in honor of Xenia and the launch of her fantastical Lime Crime Makeup, I've been inspired to revive fire eyes. From the ashes of old arose- the Phoenix!

I created this look with eye colors exclusively from Lime Crime Makeup, using only 2 shadows and a glitter for the entire look! Read on for all of the details, and make sure to click here to read my complete review of Lime Crime Makeup.

As always, I started by priming my lids from the upper lash line up to the eye brows. Using a small eyeshadow brush, I applied bright yellow Circus Girl to my lid, starting at the inner corner of my eyes and extending it just up to (but not in) the crease, leaving the outer third of my lid blank. I was very careful not to take the yellow into the crease or outer "V" of the eye, since I wanted the red to be as pure as possible.

Placing my pencil brush in the crease at the outer corner of my eye, I worked Siren (a warm, satiny red) along the crease, extending it just past the center of my lid, blending it slightly into the yellow shadow. Switching to a fluffy, domed shading brush, I used the brush clean first to blend the red crease shade lightly into the yellow, being careful to leave the inner corner pure yellow and the outer corner pure red. Then I applied the smallest bit of red pigment to the brush and applied it lightly it to the center of the lid and out. As you can see in the closeup, the result was a gorgeous coppery orange tone.

As an update to my old look, I added a bold blue "flame" along my lower lash line with sapphire blue glitter. I moistened a flat, angled eyeliner brush with a mixture of glycerin and water, dipped it into the glitter and placed the sparkles just underneath my bottom lashes, thinning and winging the line up slightly at the outside corners. Then, I used a moist smudger brush to apply a bit more glitter to my tear duct, extending it up slightly onto the inner corner of my lids. I applied a deep blue liner to my waterline, and finished the look with black mascara, false half-lashes, and a thin line of black gel liner to disguise the lash band.

Since this look is more editorial than daily wear, I chose to match the boldness of my eyes with a bold red lip. I applied a cherry red shade to my lips, patting a bit of Circus Girl pigment on top before applying clear gloss. When I ventured out on a shopping trip later in the day, I did switch to a more toned down lip, filling my lips with a nude liner before topping it with a bit of Circus Girl mixed into clear gloss.

Product List:

Base: Urban Decay Primer Potion
Inner Lid: Circus Girl Magic Dust (Lime Crime Makeup)
Outer Lid & Crease: Siren Magic Dust (Lime Crime Makeup)
Lower Lash Line, Tear Duct, and Inner Corner: Unicorn Glitter (Lime Crime Makeup)
Top Lash Line: Blacktrack Fluidline (MAC)
Waterline: Blue Jay Duo Eye Pencil (Vincent Longo)
Mascara: Chanel Inimitable in Black
Brows: Automatic Brow Pencil Duo in Soft Brown (Estee Lauder)
Eyebrow Mascara in Auburn (Bourjois)
Lashes: Andrea Accents #305 in Black

Fusion Soft Lights in Dusk (Smashbox)

Pro Longwear Lipcolor in Lasting Lust (MAC)
Circus Girl Magic Dust (Lime Crime Makeup)

MAC 239 (small dense eyeshadow)
MAC 219 (pencil brush)
MAC 222 (fluffy, domed shader)
Estee Lauder 7E (flat, angled eyeliner)
Lancome #10 (small smudger)


Ashley said...

WOW, that's some serious talent you have their! Beautiful!

Ashley said...

I have a few questions...

Did you use these shadows wet or dry?
Where can you buy glycerin?
I think it would be fantastic if you could do a tutorial on using shadows wet...I have such trouble making it look even and blended.

Thank you, I love your blog!

Unknown said...


All of the Magic Dusts are applied dry over Urban Decay Primer Potion, with the exception of the Unicorn glitter. (Yeah, amazing, right?)

Theoretically, you can buy glycerin at any drug store, usually by the rubbing alcohol and witch hazel. Having said that, I looked at like 5 places before I finally found it at Meijer. I don't know if you can use it to make some kind of street drug or something, but it's been really tough to get a hold of lately.

MAC sells a water based mixing medium that I actually like a bit better, but the homemade mix is MUCH more economical!

As far as tutorials go, I will be filming some in the near future- it's just so hard to decide what to do for that first one :) I'll definitely keep your suggestion in mind! Thanks for your comments & keep 'em coming!

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