Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Beauty Only Sale Site!
The Fairest Launches Today with
Stila and Coola Suncare

As I promised in this week's members only sales post, BIG things are happening in the world of beauty sales. The first members only sale site devoted exclusively to beauty products opened today! I found out about the site several weeks ago and, of course, wanted to tell everyone right away, but as wary of a customer as I am, I decided I should check it out before I passed it on to you.

The Fairest opened it's metaphorical doors today, with Stila and Coola Suncare on sale at prices 50% lower than retail. Refreshingly, shipping from the fairest is the most reasonable I've seen from one of these sites; their 3-5 day UPS shipping costs just $5.95! Other sites charge around $10 to ship a purchase which , if you're only buying one or two items, can just about negate the discount you're getting.

The Fairest offers new beauty brands every 2 days, and promises prices up to 75% off. Another great difference between The Fairest and other members only sites is that apparently, returns are given in the form of a full refund. Other sites often do not allow returns at all on their beauty sales; when they do, your money is refunded to you as a CREDIT to the site. To me, this says that while other sites need to give you a credit to ensure you'll return to their site to shop, The Fairest seems confident you'll return, even if you have that money in your pocket to spend elsewhere. Of course, since the site launched TODAY, I have not had any experience with their return process or customer service, so please read the return policy on their website for full details!

So where is The Fairest? How can you become a member? If you're in a hurry, you can hop on over now, BUT if you'd like to save $5 on your first order, and thank me by helping me earn $5 too, then CLICK HERE for a personal invite from me. If you take the latter option, thanks, but regardless, have fun shopping!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks dear SL sister - I can't wait to check it out!

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