Monday, December 21, 2009

This Week's Sales:
Warren-Tricomi, Lotus, Baby Quasar and more!

For the week of Christmas, beauty sales are few and far between on the exclusive sites. I guess they know how responsible we all are- who hasn't had their shopping done for weeks, right?

::chirp chirp::

While it may be too late to take advantage of the sales for purposes relating to giving (shipping on these sites aren't exactly the speediest) you can still receive plenty. Consider them make-up gifts for the reindeer sweaters, tube-sock value packs and stale cookies! Now get to it!

Gilt Groupe starts the week with Warren-Tricomi haircare, which actually started Sunday (my bad, I was lost in the Hanuchristmakkah triangle.) You have until Tuesday at 11am EST to peruse the selection, at which point Baby Quasar takes over as the last scheduled beauty sale on the site this week.

Other sales this week are both Monday offerings: HauteLook will feature Lotus Pure Organics and Billion Dollar Babes has Alison Raffaele. Make sure you're following me on twitter in case any surprise sales pop up (and because you miss me so much between posts, huh?)

Of course, the folks at The Fairest always have a bounty of beauty to choose from. Coming up: Mojo Cosmetics, Enzo Milano, Skin Nutrition, Clarks Botanicals and Cake Beauty.

The Skinny is on hiatus right now, to return on December 30 with MBeze Natural Skin Care and Cosmetics. Until then, take care, keep warm, and have a great what-ever denominational yule time gift-giving (or non-gift giving as the case may be) holiday. Or not.

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