Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ask OutInAPout:
Why Do Some Shades of Lipstick Make My Lips Look Small?

So being the Twitter addict that I am (oh, you're not following me?) I finally caved and started up a Formspring account, really just so that I could ask others questions & let them know it was me, but whatever...For those of you that aren't familiar, is a website where you go to ask people questions. Really, that's it. You can do it anonymously, or you can create an account like I did, so that people know who's asking what.

This new format has prompted me to do something I've been meaning to do for quite a while; an "Ask OutInAPout" feature. I'm usually the go-to person in my social circle when it comes to anything beauty related, so it's not uncommon for me to get random calls or texts from friends, acquaintances, family members, etc...asking me my opinion on something. Sometimes it warrants an in-depth post, and I love drawing inspiration from these experiences. Often though, the answer is just a quick tip or blurb, not enough to do a full blown essay on, but still interesting nonetheless. The "Ask OutInAPout" feature will cover a range of topics, with not much holding them together as a series other than the fact that someone thought me enough of an authority to ask.

I should also caution, if you choose to visit me on Formspring, not all questions are beauty related, and some have already gotten quite personal. I am an honest person, and wouldn't have opened up myself to such a forum if I'd not intended to answer openly. Thus, if you're likely to be offended, skip Formspring and instead, click here to ask your question. it too late to say "without any further ado"...

Today's Question:
Why do some lipsticks that are not very dark make lips seem smaller?

My Answer:
Typically, dark lipsticks make lips look smaller, while lighter ones make them look larger. This is because dark colors absorb more light, while light shades reflect it, which highlights and makes the lip appear larger. Light reflection can also be effected by things like the finish of the lipstick. Since matte shades don't reflect light, even medium tones mattes may make lips look smaller. If there's a particular shade you love, try it with a dab of clear gloss placed in the center of the top and bottom lip & see if that helps!

There it is. Please feel free to ask away. Of course, I can't promise every question will make the blog (I'm going to try to stick to questions that I feel a lot of readers may have) but I will do my best to answer your question regardless, if not on the site, then via email. Talk soon!


SilhouetteScreams said...

I never even thought about the light reflecting properties (or lack thereof) of mattes! Probably because I always use gloss anyway XD

Great post, I love that you're turning your formspring questions into blogposts

Unknown said...

Like I said, it's been a long time coming. Keep an eye out soon for an "Ask OutInAPout" button on the sidebar that you'll be able to click to send me your questions directly!

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