Friday, February 12, 2010

Quick Tip: Hair Conditioning-
How to Have a Deeper Experience!

Shower caps do more than keep water out- they can help keep moisture in! To get more bang out of your daily conditioning routine, wash your hair early on in your shower. Slather your hair with your favorite conditioner. Remember, your roots don't need a lot of conditioning, so I just do the the part that would hang down in a ponytail. Pile up your hair (sometimes I gently twist it into a bun & secure it with an elastic) and slap on a shower cap. The cap will keep the conditioner on your head as you go about the rest of your shower routine, and the heat from the shower will help to open your hair's cuticle so that the conditioner can penetrate better.

You can go cheap, with plain disposable processing caps (30 for $3.50) or you can search out a more attractive (not to mention eco-friendly) option. I found some super cute ones from Retro Revival, and at one point, Benefit was even making one in their Bathina line, so I know they exist. Either way, your hair will thank you!

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