Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Quick Tip:
Tweezer Resurrection

Ever go to pull out an errant brow hair only to notice that your tweezers have lost their pluck? If you're a smart girl (or boy) you've invested in a good quality pair of Tweezermans, and you can simply pop them in the mail, because they offer free lifetime sharpening (didn't you know?) My favorite are the slant tips (trust me, the point tweezers are deadly!) but that doesn't help us here and now does it? To wit- I actually own 2 pairs of Tweezermans (or is it Tweezermen?) so that I have one to use while the other is in the shop. BUT the road to hell...blah, blah, laid plans...well, it still doesn't mean I never run it to this conundrum. Fortunately, I've discovered a quick trick that will give your tweezers a few extra days.

All you need is the tweezers themselves and a medium grit double sided nail file. Take your tweezers, and sandwich the file between the two pincers. Clamp the tweezers down on the nail file. Now, here's the technical part, so read very carefully. While keeping pressure on the tweezers, pull the them off of the file. Repeat a few times. That's it. I suppose if you didn't have a nail file around, you could even fold a piece of sandpaper in half and do the same thing, you just wouldn't have the fancy, hi-tech feeling you get from using the nail file. Your choice.

You may want to dip your tweezers in some rubbing alcohol after you do this, to rinse away any metal dust, though I've never noticed any loose particles after doing it myself. Oh, and I promise I don't work for Tweezerman or anything- they're just good stuff.


Musing on Beauty said...

Good tip, I'll need to try it (although the technical part might be challenging for me ;-)

tara williams said...

Kool beans! Thanx a bunch! Xoxo

Anonymous said...

This is a great tip! Lol at tweezermen hahaha. I love my tweezerman, but would really hate to ship it off for sharpening.. that's way too much trouble!

Unknown said...

Musing- I was gonna record a video for this tip, but I have such faith in my readers I felt like you could handle it! ;)

You said Kool Beans, so I love you already!

Hey! I was just on your blog today! I totally understand about not wanting to send off your tweezers. That, theoretically, is why I have 2 pairs! This will revive your tweezers for a few days, but I have to be honest, a professional sharpening will make them like new, so after a while, you should really go for it!

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