Friday, August 27, 2010

Product Review: Annemarie Börlind
Rose Dew Hydro Stimulant Day Cream

Today, we take a look at one of Annemarie Börlind's daily moisture options: Rose Dew Hydro Stimulant Day Cream $42.99 for 50 ml/1.69 oz

Natural Moisturizing Factors (aka NMFs for us cool kids) like jojoba, avocado, and wheatgerm oils play a key role in this rich day cream designed to hydrate and protect poorly moisturized skin. Wound healing amino acid arginine and the anti-irritant allantion help to soothe irritation and strengthen skin. This formula has tons of powerful antioxidants- everything from Shea Butter (which also adds & seals in moisture) to vitamins C and E to gingko biloba and sage extracts. The addition of urea provides gentle exfoliation and additional moisture binding properties.

Börlind claims that this rose-scented day cream will stimulate the skin's moisture binding abilities and intensely protect it. To me, there's no doubt that this stuff is mega-moisturizing. It's super-rich for a day cream, definitely on target for dry to very dry skin. I've actually been known to use night creams during the day, so for me, this was ideal. I did notice that my skin looked a bit oily (a first for me!) if I didn't put makeup on, but underneath foundation this formula behaved very well. My skin retained a nice glow, but the oil from the cream never broke through my makeup or made me look shiny. One thing I did notice about the texture is that it seemed to tug a little bit when I applied it. Not a huge deal, but when I first started using it I did tend to use more than I really needed because it seemed like it wasn't spreading enough. Simply patting the cream into place, then blending, seemed to work much better for me.

Because of the abundance of NMFs and antioxidants in this cream, I definitely think the formula's moisturizing and skin protecting claims hold water. There is, unfortunately, one BIG hole in this cream's bucket. How can a company say a cream is "intensively" protective when it doesn't contain sunscreen??? In my opinion, this was a big fail for Börlind, and a deal breaker for me. Sun damage is the main cause of premature aging, not to mention skin cancer. I consider it a vital part of my moisture routine. Some people aren't as lazy as me though, so If you're OK applying a separate product to get your SPF, or don't really care about sun protection (maybe you're immortal, so skin cancer doesn't really concern you?) this may be a good option for dry skin looking for a tall drink of water.

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