Saturday, August 28, 2010

Product Review:
Annemarie Börlind
Rose Dew Hydro Stimulant Night Cream

Börlind's night time offering in it's moisture-rich Rose Dew line, this cream claims to intensively moisturize the skin, stimulate the skin's own moisture-binding capabilities and minimize the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Does it? Read on...

Rose Dew Hydro Stimulant Night Cream $44.99 for 50ml/1.69 oz

Very similar in formulation to the Rose Dew Day Cream (read my review here), this formula is rich in restorative Natural Moisture Factors and protective antioxidants. I was also excited to spy one of one of my favorite hyrdating ingredients, squalane, near the top of the ingredient list! Squalane (usually derived from olives) also appears naturally as a major component of our skin's own oil. It hydrates, smooths and softens, locks in moisture and has immune-stimulating and antioxidant capabilities. The best thing is, your body basically can't tell the difference between this stuff and it's own oil- so even sensitive and irritated skin soaks it up without a blink.

When it comes to evidence of the claim that Rose Dew minimizes "the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines." I say, sure- with a caveat. Let's take a brief lesson in beauty industry marketing. Yes, Rose Dew Night Cream may make lines appear minimized-this is a claim pretty much every moisturizer can make because wrinkles are simply less visible on moist skin. Saying that a product reduces the appearance of lines does not mean that the product is actually making fine lines and wrinkles go away; they just look better.

Aside from the addition of squalane, there's not a huge difference between this and it's daytime counterpart. I will say, the PM version is slightly thicker than the AM, with a waxier feel. It moisturized well, and even though I did feel oily at times, I can't complain of a single breakout. Like the Rose Dew Day Cream, this formula had less slip to it than I'm used to, but this was easily remedied by patting, rather than rubbing, the cream into my skin. And, speaking of similarities- my #1 complaint about this cream? The Rose Dew Night Cream jar is virtually identical to the Day Cream jar! Börlind, I'm begging you- put a silver lid (or something!) on this jar, because that little pink moon icon isn't cutting it for me- at 3am, without my eyeglasses, I just need a little more help!

This cream is a good option for dry skin types looking for basic protective moisture. While there may be cheaper creams out there that could provide similar benefits, Rose Dew Night Cream layers in a ton of good ingredients, and I think it's fairly well priced compared to other prestige skin care lines. If natural ingredients combined with sound social and ecological practices is worth a few extra bucks to you, then I'd definitely recommend giving Annemarie Börlind a try.

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