Monday, November 28, 2011

Ebates: Shop Online, Save Money!

Though this is included in my list of Black Friday- Cyber Monday deals, I just wanted to pull it out in case some of you aren't aware of this great service! Ebates offers a way to get actual, cold, hard cash back on many of your online purchases- not just this weekend, but all year long. I've known about it for a while, but it wasn't until this weekend that I realized just how many retailers participate. Target, Best Buy, Walmart, you name it, they're probably there!

If you do any online shopping through out the year (especially this holiday season) it's worth registering for a free account here. Earn cash back (they send checks to you!) when you shop at popular retailers- all you have to do is register, click the E-bates link to the website of your choice, and SHOP! Since you're shopping from the actual retailer, you can be assured that your transaction is safe and authentic.

As a bonus, Ebates offers Daily Double deals where you can beef up your bonuses! For example, today's deal is at the Apple Store. What's usually worth a 1% Ebate is worth 2.5% today. That means you can get up to $20 off a new iPad, just for clicking the Ebate link to the Apple website! Not to shabby, and you can imagine how it adds up!

Today, the site's Cyber Monday Double Cash-Back Event raises the steaks a little: deals include 16% cash back on, 12% online at Bobbi Brown, and 10% cash back from Ulta. Keep in mind, to my knowledge, Ebates offers are ON TOP OF other discounts the individual companies may be offering, so you can double up!

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