Friday, June 20, 2014

Quick Tip: Easy Beachy Hair!

Photo by Molly Stronczek
Almost everyone loves those "fresh from the ocean" waves, but what if you're don't happen to be coastal? Of course, you can go out and buy "beachy hair" spray, but why waste all of that summer sunshine shopping when you probably have everything you need to make a great wave spray within reach.

"Beachy Hair" Wave Spray Recipe

spray bottle
spray detangler (or your favorite rinse-out conditioner)
1-2 tsp. sea or Epsom salt
warm water

Fill an empty spray bottle halfway with almost-hot water, then add your favorite spray detangler; make sure you leave enough room so that you can add the salt and screw your top on without overflowing. Next, add salt- if you have fine hair, start with just one teaspoon and add salt in 1/4 tsp increments until you get the results you like, otherwise go ahead and add 2 full teaspoons.

If you don't have spray de-tangler laying around the house, fill your spray bottle with warm water, add the salt and then add about a nickel-sized dollop of your regular rinse-out conditioner (I use that amount with about 8oz of water. If you have very fine hair or are using a smaller spray bottle, use a bit less. Thick, dry or coarse hair, or a bigger bottle? Add a little more). Then, shake-shake-shake to blend.

That's it. I usually use my salt spray on damp or dry hair and "scrunch" to enhance the curl. I've bought plenty of wave spray in my day, but always blend my own now, because I can control the formula better (more or less conditioner, more salt for more curl- but crunchier- a little gel for hold, etc...) Enjoy!

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