Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mario Badescu Skincare Samples

Let's admit it: we all love free samples. Anything is cuter in miniature, and the idea of trying something before shelling out big cash is a comfort to many of us. I've always believed that a generous sampling program is the sign of a company that truly believes in its products. With a client list that includes stars from Natalie Portman to P. Diddy, Mario Badescu probably doesn't need to boost their business with stellar customer service and one of the best sampling programs around, yet they do.

After filling out a survey on the website, I received an e-mail from the company offering to send me samples of some of their recommended products. After a few days, I received an envelope which contained 5 0r 6 generously-sized product samples, customized for my skin type and concerns.

I was eager to try the samples, but was concerned that one of the products they'd sent seemed to be designed for oily skin (mine is quite dry). When I called the customer service line for additional information on the product, the specialist asked me a few questions about my concerns and gave me the information I was looking for. Then, without me even hinting at such a thing, she told me she was going to send me a few more items she thought would be good for me. All of this without a single sales pitch or a bit of pressure to buy.

I have to say, I found this approach refreshing. This company obviously has the confidence to rely on the quality of its products to sell themselves, rather than employing high-pressure sales tactics often seen at specialty and department stores. With a wide product selection and knowledgeable sales specialists, if you're looking for a new skincare product, give Mario Badescu a try!

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the oblitterati said...

I love Mario Badescu! I don't go there often, but they are famous for their generous goodie bags with samples of their products. I have oily skin, and their special lotion O, special drying lotion, and healing powder are out of this world.

I know I sound like a paid shill, but I'm a second generation fan of the products. Unlike most fancy products that live on hype and "luxury", their products are no-frills and most of their stuff was concocted by a small (but brilliant) Romanian chemist 30 years ago and survives by word of mouth because it works brilliantly. I'm excited to hear that they are as generous in their web presence as they are in their brick and mortar outlet.

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