Thursday, July 2, 2009

Quick Tip: Fixing Eye Makeup Mistakes

To fix a fatal flaw in an otherwise pristine eyeshadow masterpiece, first turn to your trusty non-oily makeup remover. To keep your Q-tip from becoming so saturated that it smudges more than what you want to remove, simply shake the bottle. Dip the Q-tip into the just the suds that form at on top of your liquid, rather than putting it into the liquid itself. This will moisten the cotton just enough to clean up a small area while keeping collateral damage to a minimum.


Anastasia said...

These types of things are good to know. I've spent ages on a pristine 7 colour rainbow look before to then bugger up my eyeliner, take the entire face off and start again.

Tali said...

Great tip!!

About Illamasqua..
I think theyll probably release a US website with better quality swatches first before branching to Stores. The line is more like mac.. directed at make-up artists etc.. so I actually cant imagine it in sephora!!

They are ok as a highlight.. but i think it would be a waste to get them just for that becuase the pot is huge (think 3 mac pigments) so youll never use it all!! Also it is versatile but not a completely original concept.

However their original pigments powders are smaller and would be better for highlighting! I also find the colors to be more pigmented and i love them!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the info Tali!

For anyone confused by our convo about Illumasqua, keep an eye out in the next month for a post and review on this next-big-thing makeup line!

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