Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Quick Tip: Making Fragrance Last

One of the biggest atrocities in the fragrance world is finding a scent you love, dropping a quarter of your paycheck on it, and then discovering that after an hour of wear, the scent you covet is no more.

Though you may have thought it a lame sales pitch, wearing a coordinating lotion underneath your fragrance actually does help to make it last longer. Obviously, the matching lotion will be comprised of some of the same fragrance oils as the perfume, which will intensify the scent.

What the sales person may not tell you is that an unscented body lotion can be just as effective. The aroma of a fragrance is carried in oils, which are attracted to other oils- including those in your skin. Enhancing your skin's natural oils with body lotion gives the perfume something more to bond with, thus the scent will hang around a bit longer.

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