Monday, May 18, 2009

Better Hair Days A-Head

Did you know that there's actually a right way to wash and condition your hair? Regardless of the products you use, this method will help you make the most out of your bottle.

The oils that accumulate in your mane throughout the day are produced on your scalp, so when you shampoo your hair, apply the product to your scalp only, and work the lather into a nice foam. Then use the suds to cleanse the length of your hair. There's no need to apply additional shampoo to the hair itself. This method will clean excess dirt and oils from your scalp and prevent your hair from being dried out by the detergents in the shampoo.

When you condition, work in the opposite direction. Again, because oil glands exist only on the scalp and not on the actual hair, the ends are farthest away from their only natural source of protection; they tend to be drier and more damaged than the hair closer to the scalp. Apply conditioner starting at the ends and work your way up. For those of you that have fine hair or oily skin, skip the scalp altogether and only apply conditioner to the length of your hair- the part that would hang down in a pony tail.

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