Friday, May 29, 2009

Product Review
SK-II Air Touch Foundation

Finding the perfect foundation is the bane of my existence. For years, I have perpetuated a myth that I have perfect skin, which is sometimes a hefty illusion to keep up with. I couldn't list all of the brands and formulas I've tried. I rarely buy the same foundation twice- it seems that if I find a color I like, the coverage isn't right. If I like the coverage, the color is off or it won't work with my skin type. After almost 20 years of trying, I still haven't found "the one".

When I heard about SK-II Air Touch Foundation, I couldn't wait to try it. Hailed as a beauty breakthrough, Air Touch Foundation is a battery operated personal airbrush that sprays a fine mist of foundation on the skin. The company uses ion technology; according to SK-II, the positively charged foundation particles are only attracted to negatively charged areas like our skin. This ionization technology theoretically keeps the foundation from looking uneven or cakey, since the positively charged foundation can not stick to itself. This is also why you can spray the makeup on without it clinging to your hair and clothes.

Since SK-II is not widely available, I had to order the product from a Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills ( how la-dee-da!) I chose the lightest shade available and crossed my fingers. When the box arrived about a week later, I could hardly wait to break into it- I opened it in my living room, read the package insert and ran to the bathroom basically holding my breath.

Applying the foundation was the simplest thing I've ever done. Holding the nozzle on the airbrush about 4 inches away from my face, I misted on the makeup using the recommended wide, sweeping motions. The only evidence that I was actually applying something to my skin was the smell coming from the compact that I can only describe as electric static. The mist felt so light going on that I actually had to spray my hand to make sure it was coming out. The entire process took less than a minute and left my hands, clothes and counter top clean and makeup free.

I enjoyed using this product, and I really wanted it to be my holy grail...BUT (and you had to know there would be one) since Air Touch has a very limited shade range, I wasn't able to find a color that was a true match. I also felt that the coverage (beautiful when applied lightly) got very opaque and masky looking when I layered it for fuller coverage. Even in soft indoor lighting, you could tell that I had makeup on. The third strike? The cost: $165 This buys you the airbrush and one packet of foundation. Once you have the airbrush compact, you purchase proprietary refills ($90 for 2 packets) which are much more comparable in price to other high-end brands.

I have no problem shelling out big bucks for something that is truly going to benefit my skin (or the look of it, at least). Though the airbrush was neat to use and the foundation generally looked nice, I had to resign myself to the fact that this wasn't my holy grail. The premise is cool- and if I ever see a fairer shade emerge from the line, I may try again, but for now, the quest continues...

I'd rate this product a 7 out of 10. If they made a color fair enough and I never had redness or blemishes, I'd probably be in love!

- Quick, effortless application. Just spray, set, and go.
- Very sanitary; your hands never need to touch your face!
- Light application provides pretty, luminous coverage
- Feels weightless on the skin

- Not widely available
- Limited shade range (6 shades, though not all are available in the US)
- Can accentuate lines and pores when layered for full coverage
- Layered for full coverage it looked opaque and mask-like
- Quite pricey

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Galina said...

Wow! Lucky you! I've wanted to try this product forever. It is a pity about the limited shade range because for me it is always a problem. And if I invest so much, I want the shade to be perfect!
I guess it is a good thing in a way, that it is not available everywhere so easily! lol! That would be quite an expensive buy!

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