Thursday, May 7, 2009

Quick Tip: Try a New Eye Shadow

If you've ever loved an eye shadow shade in the store, but thought "I could never pull that off" try this foolproof way to ease yourself into a new shade.

Use a flat eye liner or smudger brush to simply trace a line of your new curiosity color along your upper and lower lashes, where you would normally apply eye liner. If your color is medium to deep (like the vivid teals that are popular this spring) wear it in place of eye liner for a fresh splash of color.

When trying light shades like sunny yellow or lime green, add depth and definition by first lining just the outer third of your eyes with your usual eye liner pencil. Smudge the liner a bit with a brush, a Q-tip, or your finger. Add your "pop" color over the liner, extending it all the way to the inside corner of the eye, staying as close to the lashes as possible.

For yet another variation, try applying your top liner as usual, but skip liner on the bottom. Instead, use your smudger brush to line your new shade of shadow just along the bottom lashes.

Keeping new or brighter colors confined to a small area lets you try shades you may not other wise use in a more subtle, daytime wearable way.

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