Sunday, August 28, 2011

30 in 30: Question #12
What's Your Favorite Mascara?

My answers to 30 makeup questions in 30 days! Today's question is:

#12. What's your favorite mascara?

This is a tough one, simply because I really don’t have one. Mascara has a short a shelf life, and I’m a fickle being, so I can’t tell you the last time I bought a repeat.

My one standard, though, is black. Eye lashes are such a minuscule part of your over-all look that almost everyone can benefit from the extra definition a black mascara brings. The only exception to this, in my opinion, are people who have extremely fair lashes, where applying a black mascara leaves an obvious gap at the root of the lash where the base is blonde, for instance, and the length is black. In this case, a softer brown is preferable, but otherwise, black is the way to go!

Some of my recent favorite mascaras include (in no particular order)
All of these mascaras give great definition without clumping, flaking or smearing- what more can you ask for?


Yvonne said...

high end: benefit's they're real
drug store: l'oreal voluminous carbon black waterproof

Unknown said...

I've heard great things about They're Real- that may have to be one of my next mascara trials. I tried Voluminous Carbon Black in the regular formula and it gave me major raccoon eyes, but the waterproof could definitely be another trial option!

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