Friday, August 19, 2011

Product Review:
Lip Savvy Lip Plumper

Lip Savvy by JeAne is a new line of fashion-forward lip glosses designed to deliver more than just shine and color. Loaded with emollients, moisture grabbing hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and peptides, Lip Savvy touts long-wearing color, sting-free plumping and a powerful anti-aging punch to boot. (WARNING: this is a hyphen heavy post. Proceed with caution!)

With a thick, fairly sticky texture not unlike MAC Lipglass, you can indeed plan to get better than average wear out of these glosses. The shade I tried, Sho Bunny, is a pale, sheer pink with tons of multicolored sparkles (the blue-violet shimmer is definitely the most noticeable, but I spied some pink, gold and green in there as well). This shade is one of ten "Star Studded Shine" glosses that offer intense sparkle and multi-dimensional shine; the line also boasts 12 "ColorGlam" shades with a more creamy finish.

Since Sho Bunny is one of the lighter colors in the range, it's hard to comment about how pigmented the glosses are, but Bunny is definitely more about shimmer and shine than color. Looking at the Lip Savvy color chart, I would have expected a little more color. What do you think?

As far as the anti-aging and plumping benefits, Lip Savvy does indeed have some good ingredients to back up some of their claims. Most lip plumpers on the market rely on irritants like cinnamon oil or capsaicin extract (from hot peppers) to make your lips swell. While this purposeful irritation may temporarily swell the lips (the effect wears off as the product fades) these formulas usually result in anything from an intense tingle to a straight out burn. For those with sensitive skin, irritant based plumpers can also result in itching, redness and swelling outside of the lip line. Lip Savvy uses a combination of hyaluronic acid, peptides, and emollients in their formula. These skin-friendly ingredients mean no irritation, and therefore, no burn. But do they plump?

Peptides have long been the ingredient I look for in lip plumpers, given that they have a proven track record in stimulating collagen production. This reduces wrinkles and, in theory, plumps the skin. Of course, to achieve this effect, you have to look at lip plumper as a skin treatment. Just like a wrinkle cream, it needs be applied consistently for several hours a day, and will take around 4 weeks to have an effect.

Hyaluronic acid is also one of my favorite ingredients, for its ability to attract and hold moisture. HA is widely used in skin care products, but to my knowledge, it's plumping effect has only been proven in its injectable form.

Of course, dehydrated lips appear smaller (compare a raisin to a grape) so just adding moisture to the lips will make them appear fuller, and Lip Savvy is full of emollients. Add in the cosmetic illusion of fullness created by a shimmery gloss and you're sure to feel more confident with your pout.

The Lip Savvy collection comes in a brush-tipped, click-up pen, similar to Yves Saint Laurent's famous Touche Éclat luminizer. The eye-grabbing prints may not be for everybody (my Sho Bunny came in a bold black & white zebra print) but they definitely make the gloss stand out in the bottom of a makeup bag! The collection retails for $18 and will launch August 20th, though it is available for pre-sale now at

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