Tuesday, August 23, 2011

30 in 30: Question #7
What's Your Favorite Eye Shadow Color?

My answers to 30 makeup questions in 30 days! Today's question is:

#7. Favorite eye shadow color?

Finally, an easy one- purple!

I have green-grey-blue eyes. They used to be grey-blue-green, and I hated them because they weren't just blue. As a teenager discovering the wonders of makeup, I recieved the life-time diagnosis of being an "Autumn". If you're not familiar with seasonal makeup theory, consider yourself lucky. I despise it so much I don't really want to even spend time explaining it here- suffice it to say it locked every individual into a pre-set palette of colors you could wear, and basically made it just short of a felony to wear another season's colors.

Problem is, as nice as those brown, golds and coppers made my eyes look, wearing the same shade variations day in and day out gets...really...boring. When I began working in cosmetics and learning more about color theory, I slowly became braver in my experimentation with colors. I developed a philosophy that still I have today- color is fun! I can wear ANY color!!!

Because of this, I discovered that purples were ideal to play up the green tones in my eyes, which also pop nicely next to my red hair. It all came together, and I literally felt as if I’d been freed from some kind of cosmetic bondage!

Some of my favorite shades of purples/plums are:
Of course, I have a ton more in my stash, but these are the ones that I grab for the most. Any other purple fiends out there? You know I'm always looking for new favorites!


Unknown said...

I love pretty much all colours, but I do adore a good purple. I tend to reach for reddish purples, though, 'cause my eyes are mostly green and those purples work great to enhance that. I think my favourite, Body Shop e/s 22, is discontinued, though. Good thing I have two. ^_~

Ana said...

Oh, yeah, Autumn :deep sigh: .

Really, 'diagnosed' fits.
Imagine trapping a 12-year-old in a world of earthy greens, golds and coppers. Plus make the application matronly each time.
And I was a child - of course I listened to what a makeup artist said (didn't wear makeup, but listened).


And then I came to realize I could wear anything - face, hair, clothes; and everything became so much more fun :) !

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